Slack enters into strategic partnership with Google for new Google Drive integration


In a bid to become the de facto communications portal in the venture enterprise workflow, Slack has entered into a strategic association with Google Cloud which will bring numerous new features, incorporating deeper integrations with Google services, to its collaboration stage for groups.

With the new combinations, Slack is bringing the Google Drive authorization process into Slack, including adding in-channel preview displays, joining the new Google Team Drives to channels and creating new bots to manage and oversee notifications and comments.

Notably, the association will be advantageous for both the organizations. Slack turns out to be more useful for G Suite users, and Google gets the opportunity to make its efficiency suite a more attractive offering to those organizations that want to use Slack.

Google and Slack have the similar vision for the future of work: that smart software could bring teams together, unite them and make all of their work and discussions seamlessly available in one place,” Nan Boden, Head of Global Technology Partners, Google Cloud, writes in a blog post. “The result is that teams can move faster and more efficiently,” Boden said, including that Google will also be helping Slack take advantage of Google’s technologies to scale its business.

With authorizations, Slack is making it easier to share Drive files with people in a selected channel. So now if any channel members were not allowed access to a specific Drive file, Slack will issue a notice/ warning and after that a prompt to update sharing settings.

The other integration is a Google Drive Bot that will post remarks and requests for access into Slack. Recipients can then approve or reject the requests from Slack, or settle remarks, or they can launch Google Docs to work with the records straightforwardly.

Likewise, the duo is working together to give users access to review Google Docs that they share in Slack, so it’s feasible for people to see inside a file at a glance opening it.

To the extend, the new Team Drives integration, Slack says it’s empowering channels to be synced with Team Drive, which will help admins keep content and discussion in sync. Content uploaded to Slack will be backed up to a Team Drive and Team Drive updates will be shared in Slack.

Slack is facing expanding competition from the likes of Microsoft and Facebook, who have each launched their own competitive products recently. Microsoft recently announced ‘Teams’, a similar service integrated into Office 365 that’s right now in beta.

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Sameeksha Bhardwaj, From ITvoir News Desk