Stiff competition compels Tech Giants to use social networking as sustainibility tool


The tech world is facing an apocalyptic situation.The system seems to be crumbling down under immense pressure and stiff competition.The new trend being followed is collaboration with networking sites to renew and maintain one’s sustainibility.Moreover, tech giants are revising their policies and increasig the salaries of employees to retain them.Rivalry has taken a toll and every technology gulliver is trying to gain the top slot; treat its rivals as lilliputs.

For instance, Yahoo has brushed off all reports about cutting down on its workforce. The company spokesperson recently said that it has no plans on reducing its employee strength.

It has been reported that the company spokesperson called the earlier reports about staff clearance “misleading” and “inaccurate”. Industry speculates that Google is hiking salaries by 10 percent to try and prevent its talent from defecting to hot start-ups and rival companies have also been registered lately.The tech race is taking a lot of twists and turns and retaining good employees has become an important factor for tech biggies.

The company cleared all the impending doubts about the removal of employees from its office.Yahoo is one of the world’s most popular online destinations, and still the No. 2 U.S. search engine behind Google. But the Web portal is facing increasing competition from Facebook as well as from Google.

Another example is the tie-up between Microsoft and Hotmail to revive the latter.Hotmail was ruling the Indian space a long while ago but blew as a bubble against tough competitors. The hotmail messenger had been a favorite of many undoubtedly until Gtalk took away the limelight. Microsoft is trying to bring back the lost charm by re-launching Hotmail.

The combination of best features has been availed by Microsoft to re-launch Hotmail. Integration with social networks and other email accounts and high-definition video chats are some of the new features in the updated version of Hotmail as per sources.

A connection with youth is Hotmail’s new motto to establish a strong foothold in the tech market. Microsoft and Hotmail needs to make itself known to the general mass very aggressively according to analysts. For the young surfer, Hotmail’s new target user, Gmail’s simplicity is the USP. For the young surfer, Hotmail’s new target user, Gmail’s simplicity is the USP.It is to be seen if Hotmail can re-create its position or not.

A recent addition to the networking game is Apple.Twitter and Apple have entered a partnership reportedly to bring music previews and links to buy tracks via Ping, the new iTunes social network. Music is the connecting thread between the two giant brands. Twitter and Apple shall let users listen and download soundtracks via Ping.

Having a wide variety of sound tracks is the driving force along with speedy searches. When you interact with a song on Ping, that information – including a preview clip of the track and a link to buy and download the track – can be automatically tweeted. That way, everyone who follows you on Twitter can now give Apple $1.29 for the track, too. But the problem faced by users is that one can only follow others on Twitter. The possibility of adding following tweets is negligible. Also, suggesting music downloads to others who are not following you is an impossible task.

It is to be seen if this strategy of entering into partenrships with social networking sites proves beneficial to tech giants or not.

-Ishita Blaggan/IT Voir Network