Telcos to be notified by DoT about new network rollout policy


The Department of Telecom has solidified uniform standards for taking off telecom organizes the nation over and will advise them by tomorrow.

“We have finished Right of Way rules. It will be told either today or tomorrow,” Telecom Secretary JS Deepak said at Broadband India Forum.

The proposed strategy means to encourage speedy take off of telecom foundation in order to enhance nature of administration, diminish call drops and cost of setting up systems.

In the draft structure, the DoT has suggested that powers required in allowing RoW allow will need to concede consent inside 60 days of utilization. If there should be an occurrence of dismissal of the application, they ought to record reasons in composing. Telecom organizations regularly accuse nearby dominant voices in the states for making pointless obstacles in take off of telecom framework, extraordinarily in allowing RoW authorization.

The vast majority of the dissensions have been made with respect to strangely high cost for RoW and also extraordinary collects or expense forced by different powers other than charges recommended under telecom licenses.

Now and again, the charges have been as high as Rs 7 crore for each kilometer for laying underground links.

“We are presently looking to viably use higher recurrence band beginning 2100 Mhz forward to V band (57-64 Gigahertz band),” Deepak said. He said the legislature is getting rid of a portion of the permitting necessity for simplicity of working together in the nation.

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Alankar Ganguly, From ITvoir News Desk