5 Technological Trends to Look Out for in 2025


With the growing advent of technology, the modern world is expanding its horizons towards faster accessibility, seamless integration, and rapid transformation of traditional ways of getting things done. Since the ever-changing technological trends are taking a step ahead to bridge the gap between gadgets and mankind, it becomes highly important to understand what all changes are coming your way in the next decade. Read the article below to know top 5 technology trends that will change the face of modern world in the next decade:

1. The Internet of Things to Ensure Seamless Connectivity

Since the Internet is undergoing many changes to prove itself as the most powerful communications tool in the history, most of the OEMs are also bringing certain changes in their informational and transactional mediums. The implantation of this platform assists in building immediate knowledge sharing mediums to benefit humanity. This technique will help users in bridging the gap between humanity and machines simply by making things connected over the web.
For instance, IoT has come up with intelligent transport solutions for monitoring speed, traffic flows, reduced fuel consumption, and prioritizing vehicle repair schedules with optimal ease. Smart electric grids, machine monitoring sensors for diagnosing and predicting human health, data-driven systems for smart cities, alerts from your home’s refrigerator, TVs, ACs, and other appliances, along with a fully developed home security systems are some of the recent examples for IoT technology.

2. Bricks and Clicks is the Next Big Picture

“Bricks and Clicks” is welcoming a promising and more reliable retailing norm of the future to help both traders and customers transact in a secure manner. The ‘Bricks and Clicks’ business model aims at making products and services available with both offline (bricks) and online (clicks) presence. The technique will not only provide a unique online identity to every retailer, but will also lead to emergence of virtual hypermarkets, virtual stores, interactive stores, and concept of ‘Click and Collect’ retailing models.

3. Welcome to the Zettaflood Era

As per the current data, more than 1.2 zettabytes are being created, with one zettabyte having the potential that is equal to 1,024 exabytes. Since online users are encouraging the concept of viewing content in video formats, most of the Internet data is getting converted into video tutorials, small videos, and detailed concept episodes.

4. Experience the Cloud’s Wisdom

As per detailed mentioned in Cisco’s research, by 2020, one-third of all computing data will either live in or pass through cloud platforms. It is expected that global cloud services revenue may jump up to 20% per year, resulting in making an increase in IT spending on innovation and cloud computing simultaneously. Additionally, some of the expected outcome of the same could be details about person falling asleep, and routing an incoming call to voicemail, speed of car, and other details.
The Cloud era will not only amuse you by certain routines that operate on no paper and no oil phenomenon, but will also strengthen the next wave of innovation by creating a hyper realistic mix of real life and virtual life. According to the recent bets made on changing technological trends, it is expected that the last printed newspaper and book will get published in 2020 and post it, everything will roam freely in Cloud!

5. Blazing Changes in Networking Speed

Since data sharing and peering requirements are expected to increase three million times in the next 10 years, most of the networks will make numerous attempts to scale to meet future demands. Stronger networks will encourage instant connectivity to social platforms and channels, resulting in enhancing better coordination, faster file transfers (upload & download), and instant access to content. The blazing speed of the Internet’s forthcoming generation will be even faster, but it’s not just about the speed. Moving a step ahead with 5G technology, the networks will not only have super fast data speeds but will carry the potential to transfer more than 1 GB data per second. The new wireless technology will have the flexibility to support different types of devices and reveal significant battery life enhancements on its arrival.
It is absolutely amazing to look forward to all of these astonishing technological trends in the near future, but the execution and final outcome depends on various factors that can impact the changes and their direction. Keep reading this space to get recent updates on technology advancements and stay abreast with latest trends to explore a new world of possibilities!

– Guest Blogger
Priya Mehta