Google & Salesforce in talks to acquire Twitter


Financial Times has mentioned that Twitter has been working for weeks with Goldman Sachs to explore their sale to potential buyers. This is in conjunction with its reporting of slowest revenue growth since its inception in 2013. In order to work on the finances Twitter has looked into cost cutting measures and also added new features such as relaxation of 140 character limit. But these efforts have not proven to be fruitful to cater to the situation Twitter is encountering.

As per reports some of the most prominent names in the technology world like Google and Salesforce are expressing interest towards buying the social networking arena, Twitter.

Reports also suggest that talks between the giants regarding this sell out has intensified.The potential deal is expected to be valued at $22 a share and get closed by the end of 2016.

Considering why Google will be the best acquirer, Google has not been able to attain success in social media space in spite of many efforts and owning Twitter will be a feather in the cap from that perspective. On the other side looking at why Salesforce is interested in owning Twitter, Firstly it is known that Salesforce was interested in buying Linkedin which shows their inclination towards the social space. Secondly, Twitter is a hub of information about consumer behavior which can be a treasure to them from a marketing perspective.

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