Virtustream Partners with SafeNet to Enable Secure Virtualization and Cloud Migration


Virtustream, Inc., the leading enterprise class cloud software and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, and SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in information security, today announced they have expanded their existing relationship to offer customers across high-risk industries, and all organizations that need to protect sensitive data, the ability to migrate to virtual and cloud environments securely.

“Virtustream has made strong security a core part of their enterprise class cloud. We’ve worked closely over the last year to ensure our solutions are well integrated so organizations can easily reap the benefits of the cloud, without losing control over their data,” said Chen Arbel, director of business development, SafeNet. “We provide that protection regardless of where the data resides, affording separate security administration duties, enforcing granular controls, and establishing clear accountability with audit trails and compliance reporting. And we make it possible to easily scale the use of encryption in very large, dynamic cloud environments.”

Providing industry-leading enterprise key management and comprehensive virtual machine protection across physical, virtual, and cloud environments, the expanded relationship allows Virtustream to incorporate SafeNet’s unified encryption and control solution, SafeNet KeySecure and SafeNet ProtectV, into its IaaS offering. Announced today at the 2013 Cisco Live conference in Orlando, Florida, the joint solution is immediately available to customers looking to increase security for their cloud deployments.

SafeNet ProtectV provides the industry’s first comprehensive solution designed to protect virtual environments. ProtectV enables Virtustream customers to securely migrate their sensitive data to virtual data centers, the cloud, and untrusted or shared environments, while SafeNet KeySecure, an enterprise key management solution, ensures that the keys to their encrypted data remain solely within their control. SafeNet KeySecure provides a single, centralized platform for managing cryptographic keys, certificates, and applications, allowing organizations to easily scale their use of encryption within physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

This expanded relationship affirms the seamless integration between SafeNet and Virtustream that has already successfully incorporated SafeNet Authentication Manager, which provides strong two-factor authentication to Virtustream’s cloud solutions.

With the new integrations, the Virtustream IaaS provides cloud service providers and enterprise IT organizations with a complete crypto framework for public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments—from authentication to encryption and key management.

Virustream’s IaaS, powered by xStream, delivers cloud management software for private, virtual private, public and hybrid clouds. It marks the industry’s first cloud solution to use Virtustream µVM (Micro-VM) technology to provide efficiency that extends significantly beyond traditional virtualization, and enables a truly consumption-based pricing model. The xStream platform supports complex enterprise IT systems, providing companies with a robust, secure cloud environment built from the ground up for enterprise applications. The Virtustream cloud platform enables customers to move both legacy and Web-scale applications to the cloud so that they may benefit from compelling cloud economics by offering industry-leading application-level SLAs in a highly secure cloud with built-in data protection and disaster recovery.