What’s brewing inside Microsoft, presently?


Microsoft has always been in the news for its tremendous contribution to the software industry. Tech analysts have always appraised Microsoft for the way it has grown into a tech giant.

Although, Microsoft has set an industry example with its Windows operating system and other such innovations but with its latest attempt Windows 8 is yet to witness success.

Analysts are pinning high hopes with Windows 8 launch. Windows 8, which is likely to launch later this year, is supposed to offer dramatically enhanced features, including capabilities commonly found in smartphones and tablets. It will also offer boot-up and touch capability.

Meanwhile, we have brought a small list of Microsoft’s innovations that have failed miserably in the market.

Windows Vista operating System: Released on January 30, 2007 worldwide, Windows Vista is being tagged as the worst ever operating system launched by the tech biggie. The scenario was such that with the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft offered to load it in the laptops which carried Windows Vista by default.

Zune music player: Microsoft had launched the Zune media player five years ago in a bid to take on Apple’s iPod. Sources informed that Apple’s iPod has proved its dominance in the market and grabbed around 77 percent of the market share in the previous year, while Zune is still struggling with just 10 percent of the market for media players. Finally, the company has decided to bid adieu to this tech flop.

Courier Tablet PC: Microsoft Courier was the codename for a rumored Booklet PC from the tech giant Microsoft. Prototypes of the Courier indicated foldable dual-screen that relied on stylus and handwriting recognition as its primary input. However, the tablet was never launched and was rumored to be doomed seeing the huge launch of Apple iPad.

Besides these much known tech flops, Microsoft had tried to bring the intelligent watches, which were nothing but a joke in Microsoft product range.

Why these products failed to gain accolades?

Microsoft seems totally off the radar in the race to bring cool, cutting edge and innovative technologies to the users. Analysts have given numerous reasons which have caused Microsoft to become a sarcastic reserve of the IT sector.

One of the significant reason is the wrong timings to bring out new and innovative products to users. The gap between the announcement and launch offers other companies, an opportunity to come out with a similar product and hence spell death for Microsoft’s project. Microsoft Zune and Courier Tablet PC are few potential examples.

How Microsoft is being perceived now?

Despite above flop products and their dipping sales, still Microsoft’s products have a pretty good record with all the demographics. Tech users still await for Microsoft’s products. With the latest update, these days Microsoft is readying the launch of its slick and impressive Windows 8.

Analysts believe, Windows 8 is expected to give much-needed lift to the sluggish personal-computer market.

As far as the launch of Windows 8 powered tablets is concerned, Windows 8 powered tablet PCs from Acer and Lenovo are expected to arrive in third quarter of 2012. It is also said that upcoming Acer and Lenovo tablets will feature Intel’s Clover Trail platform inside.

Well! How Windows 8 will carve its success story, will be seen only after its launch? Till then, stay tuned.