Whatsapp gets new features: GIF library and added media limit


If you are an Android user, then you may soon get another GIF library for your most loved communication application WhatsApp. You may even get an expanded media sharing point of confinement to around 30 from the present 10.

The two new elements are as of now accessible in the beta version 2.17.6 for Android. iOS clients got GIF support inside the application in November, 2016.

Notwithstanding, Android clients could just send or get emojis just on the off chance that they had them installed in their gadget. Presently, Android clients can get to Giphy library (TENOR for a few clients) which is accessible from the WhatsApp application itself and can be shared with friends. The GIF symbol can be found when you tap on the emoji symbol on the content bar. It is accessible at the base of the smiley window.

The option of the GIF library is required to add to the rising quantities of WhatsApp clients in India furthermore increment in engagement time on the application.

The expanded media sharing component, the new limit of 30 will flip around the glare for some clients who were disappointed with current limit of 10. Media sharing is additionally anticipated that would see an ascent after the component goes live.

As per reports WhatsApp is additionally taking a shot at another “Status” tab redesign, which could permit clients to share Stories in this space, which will be something similar to Snapchat. WhatsApp clients will have the capacity to perceive the number of their companions who have seen their Stories, and the stories will vanish in 24 hours.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk