WhatsApp warned by German Privacy Regulators


As per the latest reports Facebook owned WhatsApp has been warned by German Privacy regulator to stop sharing of user collected data with the parent company. Apart from this Facebook has been asked to delete the data that has already been collected from about 35 million users in the country.

The Hamburg commissioner of Data Protection and Freedom of Information mentioned that Facebook and WhatsApp are both independent organizations which process their user data on the basis of their own term and conditions and policies for privacy. Thus Facebook cannot collect data for its own services. When WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014 it was mentioned there will be no sharing of data.

Apart from this, he gave another statement telling that this administrative order tries to protect data of 35 million WhatsApp users in Germany. It should be choice of users to connect their account with Facebook. Therefore Facebook has to ask for permission in advance. It was in the month of August that users were notified that their data would be shared with Facebook for better targeting of ads.

To this statement Facebook has mentioned they would appeal the order and answer all the questions are resolve any concerns Hamburg DPA has. Germany regulators might not be the only ones concerned about this issue. Reports also suggest that Italy’s Data privacy regulators have also started a check into Whatsapp’s sharing of data with Facebook.

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