WhatsApp also gets Snapchat like features


Following the footsteps of other Facebook apps Whatsapp is all set to get boosted with Snapchat like features.
New Camera enhancements were announced which include a user’s ability to draw and write on photos and videos. Emojis can also be added to add to the list of features.

Before this update the image editing tools on WhatsApp allowed user to crop and rotate the photos whereas no editing option was available videos.

Incorporation of draw and emoji features in WhatsApp is following a trend between Facebook properties, Facebook messenger, Instagram , Facebook App all have added these features and Most recent of them all was Instagram Stories which allows the user to doodle on the photos.

They have also made some enhancements in their general camera feature. This feature will now support a front facing flash ,helping in perfecting the picture in case of low light .A double tap button will also be added to switch between the front and rear cameras.

Video are also getting a zoom feature,the quality for which will vary depending on the phone.

Once a user captures a new photo or video or shares one on WhatsApp these new features can be seen.

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From Madhurima Goyal, ITvoir News Desk