Whirlpool appoints GreenDust to manage its Reverse Logistics


Whirlpool, the leading home appliances manufacturer has appointed India’s largest Reverse Logistics Company, GreenDust, a venture of Reverse Logistics Co. Pvt. Ltd to manage its end-to-end reverse logistics process.

“We are happy that major and progressive brand like Whirlpool has the foresight to recognize that the strength of any supply chain is the strength of its weakest link, and in most cases reverse logistics tends to be that weak link. We are certain that Whirlpool will be able to further strengthen its leadership position by substantially realizing the value from effective management of returns,” said Hitendra Chaturvedi Founder and CEO of GreenDust.

Proper reverse logistics management can create immediate, quantifiable, and measurable results that can act as a catalyst for growth, particulalry in slow economic times. These results include creating predictable cash flow, reducing returns management costs, increasing sales margins, generating higher asset recovery, avoiding channel conflict, reducing leakage, getting business intelligence on trends in returns and product faults, and most importantly, complying with e-waste regulations.