Wipro to take “Legal Actions” to recover payments from ESIC projects


Wipro, the Bengaluru based IT giant said that it would take ‘all legal steps’ to get back withheld payments from its Rs 1182 crore seven-year contract with the ESIC, Employees State Insurance Corporation.

Back in March 2009, Wipro had won the contract from the ESIC to set up a system to streamline registration filings and payouts at its hospitals and regional centers. In 2011, the platform faced several technical issues, which Wipro had fixed.

In its statement to the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), Wipro said the ESIC had withheld its payments in an ‘ad-hoc and arbitrary’ manner.

“Wipro has disputed this non-payment and is engaged with the ESIC to recover the amounts due. If we are not able to solve this amicably in a reasonable time, Wipro will take all necessary legal steps available to it,” Wipro said in the statement.

The contract ended on June 8, 2016, though Wipro continued to administer the platform at the request of the ESIC. The Bengaluru-headquartered company said it was handing over the project at the close of business hours on Thursday.

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