YouTube launched its Children-centric app “YouTube Kids” in India


Making it accessible for the new era’s tech savvy smart kids to discover videos on topics and themes they want to explore, mainstream online video group YouTube launched “YouTube Kids” – an immense library of learning content for kids – in India.

“YouTube Kids” comes to India at a great time for millions of Indian families, as it provides children access to content that will enrich their lives and create new opportunities for learning,” said Malik Ducard, YouTube’s Global Head of Family and learning, in a statement.

“India already has a very diverse and rapidly-growing creator base for kids and learning, with content in this category growing 100 per cent year over year,” Ducard included further in its statement.

The standalone, kid-accommodating and mobile-first application is accessible on Google Play and App Store.
With its energetic outline, huge pictures and strong symbols, YouTube Kids makes it easier for the kids to discover and explore through wide array of videos.

The voice search to give kids a chance to discover recordings when they can’t type or spell a word accurately makes the application more kid’s friendly.

Indian children are consuming the content from local and also global makers, said Aman Dayal, Content Partnership Manager of YouTube Kids and Learning, India and South East Asia.

“Indian creators are exporting large amount of content as well. There is uniformity in the consumption as a lot of content created in India is watched outside and a lot of content created outside is consumed in India,” Dayal stated.

Numerous top Indian YouTube Kids and learning makers will add new shows elite to the YouTube stage on the event of the dispatch, YouTube said.

These incorporate new learning shows from “ChuChuTV” and “Kids TV”, a new season of “Cat and Keet”, a well-known comic drama by Toonz Animation, the “Gummy Bear” melody in Hindi and another period of “Appu – The Yogic Elephant”.
The service also offers parental control option. Guardians can widen or confine their children look – turn “on” to get to a great many family-accommodating recordings or turn “off” to limit their experience.

Guardians can also restrain their children’s screen time by setting an in-built clock. They can likewise put in passwords, limit certain content and get to settings in the application.

The YouTube Kids content can likewise be watched on wide screen utilizing Chromecast, Apple TV, game consoles or smart TV.

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Sameeksha Bhardwaj, From ITvoir News Desk