YouTube’s new “Hero” community gives volunteers rewards


YouTube is planning to build a community in order to moderate inappropriate content on the platform. A program called “YouTube Heroes” was launched this week with a video that demonstrated how a prospective volunteer can participate and what rewards can be earned.

YouTube’s comment section as most of us would have observed is always plagued by hateful and inappropriate content. Even though the channel owners had tools to monitor comments section or even delete the comments section completely but the problem was that many of the channel owners had large volume of videos making it a daunting task to monitor all the comments.

This program will reward people for reporting/flagging bad comments, writing accurate subtitles and captions and also answer questions raised in YouTube help forums. To perform these actions, users will be given access to “Heroes dashboard” tools , “Hero hangouts” and special workshops as well.

There are different rewards that people can earn like invitation to exclusive workshops, video chats and chance to test YouTube pre-release products. A member has to report 1,000 bad comments before they can reach highest level of reward tier.

These heroes will not have full power over the site but this community will help YouTube moderation team to take faster actions.

This program will not only help YouTube Better the site but also build a social networking experience which syncs with YouTube Community that was launched this month.

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