Infosys CEO: Zero distance helped drive customer satisfaction score


Vishal Sikka, The CEO of Bangalore based Headquartered company, said in an email to its employees that the company’s Zero Distance advancement program had driven its consumer loyalty scores to a ten-year high and that the organization’s rivals were taking after on the way that Infosys was setting.

Infosys has been pushing the Zero Distance program, which means to deliver innovation and changes, to each activity the organization is running.

It was earlier reported that Infosys had begun creating incentives for project managers to help incentivize the project.
Infosys studied more than 3,800 respondents, the most noteworthy ever investment in the review, Sikka said in the email. “It was a truly awesome and proud moment to get the early results of our customer satisfaction survey for 2016 from Nabarun, with scores at their highest in 10 years!” Sikka said in the email.

He also added that client-feedback scores had jumped by 12 points from last year and that satisfaction levels at the CxO level alone had gone up seven points. CxO scores are also at their highest ever.

“We are seeing clients recognize the importance of Mana, Zero Distance and Design Thinking. This is a reflection of each of us and all of us,” he said further.

Infosys confirmed that such an email had been sent but declined to comment on the same further.

The CEO said that he knew the organization was well along its approach to transforming the services industry through automation and innovation and that opponent organizations were taking action accordingly even in their activities and words that they utilized.

“Our strategy is working. So let’s take this moment to celebrate our achievement and the recognition we have received from those we have helped and continue to help. Let us also celebrate our future as we keep an eye on the path ahead of us, to the greater objectives we have yet to attain,” he stated.

Sikka’s complimentary mail comes when there is minimal uplifting news for the IT business. Infosys has cut its direction twice this year, a record that was just bested by Cognizant trimming its development desires three times in succession.

The National Association of Software and Services Companies have said it will cut the business development figure.

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Sameeksha Bhardwaj, From ITvoir News Desk