Zomato hacked: millions of data stolen


Indian data protection laws are insufficient to protect personal information from hackers. Zomato data theft incident has exposed the dark side of cyberspace, running the risk of stealing personal data in the event of security breach. With India’s push towards a cashless economy, securing personal details become difficult for the people who protect that data.

Zainab Bawa, founder of HasGeek (a platform for developers) said that Indian companies rarely take data security seriously and hence, such hacking takes place. She also said that there is no method of staying informed customer that his or her data is secure with a payment company or a consumer internet firm.

The importance that a company attaches to security depends upon their own protocols. The companies have to work on their own software and application and add layers of securities so that unauthorized users can not use their data. Viral shah, co- founder of Julia programming languages said that the data protection can be done in three steps that require companies to safeguard their hardware and software, monitor data access and make sure it’s encrypted for security purpose.

Zomato’s CTO Gunjan Patidar said in the blog (updated twice through the day) “We hash passwords with a one-way hashing algorithm, with multiple hashing iterations and individual salt per password. This means your password cannot be easily converted back to plain text. We, however, strongly advise you to change your password for any other services where you are using the same password,”

While consumers have rights under the IT law to take on internet companies, the lack of good compensation and the extremely disturbing experience of going through the judicial process acts as a prevention said Pavan Duggal advocate in the Supreme Court and cyber law expert. He also said that if companies are breaching security as mentioned under ISO 27001 (International information security standard), a consumer has right to take action against the firm and get compensation. There is a lack of awareness among consumer about their rights.

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Himani Sharma, From ITvoir News Desk