5 Women who beat the IT blizzard


The IT industry has been infamous for their treatment in relation to women, but few women have worked their way to the top, fighting the odds through their sheer grit.

On Women’s day we enumerate and celebrate their achievements and contributions to the Indian IT industry.

Here’s enlisting a few who have caused a flurry in the man’s world or to say the man’s industry as they call it-

Chanda Kocchar- The Queen of Finance
Mentioning Women leaders and not taking her name is impossibility. She started as a management trainee and now she is the CEO of ICICI bank. Under her strong leadership not only she but her organization too received accolades. She successfully climbed the ladders of success and took ICICI to new heights.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw- Leading the Organic way
She is the founder of Biocon which is an internationally renowned bio pharmaceutical company which works for removal of diseases like diabetes and oncology. She has immensely contributed to the field and was also awarded the Padmabhushan for the same purpose.

Naina Lal Kidwai – The Trendsetter
She cannot be left out when discussing the most powerful women leaders, she was the first Indian woman to graduate from Harvard, and after that she only received more laurels. She too has received a Padma Bhushan for her exceptional contribution to promote trade and Industry in India. She was also repeatedly ranked amongst the most powerful women of India in the Fortune’s global list.

Indira Nooyi- The Visualiser
One of the most discussed women in the media; she is the CEO of Pepsi Co. In fact it is considered that Pepsi grew and prospered under her leadership. She is considered one of the most influential leaders worldwide and was ranked 6th on Forbes list of world’s most powerful women.

Indu Jain- The Strong 4th pillar
One of the most powerful media weapons in India is owned by this lady, the Bennett Coleman ltd. The Times of India and other big newspapers are owned by this company. Not only does she drive this organization but she is a strong believer in the ideas feminism and equality. She plays equally important roles such as an educationalist, an ardent admirer of art and culture in the country. With such diverse portfolio’s she is one lady with immense respect and character.

These are only handfuls who have carved a name for themselves, there are many more that are balancing roles perfectly and have covered miles which a lot of men also have not been able to cover. A salute to these ladies of immense confidence and the charisma they exude!!