A Sneak Peek into the Future Smartphones


As the smartphones have started behaving more like laptops, five years down the line, the concept of smartphone is going to change dramatically.

Smartphones have transformed from a simple contact and calendar database to including a camera, streaming-video, GPS, web and thousands of apps available with the touch of a button.

How will smartphones evolve in another five years? What sort of incredible things will they be able to do? Of course, one can expect better displays, faster processors, and more memory space, but tracking the current trends smartphones are going to surpass every expectations of the users.

Let’s take a peep into the future to see what the smartphone of tomorrow looks like.

Flexibility to get new definition

Most likely, the technology inside phones will get smaller and smaller thereby shrinking the weight and size of the devices. However, don’t expect microscopic phones to rule market in next five years.

The gadgets, hopefully, will become more flexible. Foldable and dual-screen designs are expected to become more prominent that too without any software glitch.

Wearable phones will also start making their way into the market few years from now. We have seen the wristwatch phones but expect the future phones to be more than that. You’ll be able to fold, bend and create your phone to whatever shape you prefer. Imagine transforming your phone from a wristwatch/bracelet style to a touchscreen style with a full QWERTY keyboard, and then folding it again to slip it into your pocket.

Heavy-duty chipsets

The future phones will definitely integrate more powerful chipsets. Last week, Qualcomm unveiled its plan to ship 2.5GHz quad-core smartphone processors as early as next year. It is reported that new chipset sports GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and FM radio. It also support NFC and LTE networks.

Nvidia too leaked its Tegra roadmap, indicating that its quad-core chips will be five times faster than the existing ones. They will embrace the smartphones as early as the first part of 2012.

Robust battery life

As the technology is likely to become more mobile, battery life will be of utmost importance.But problem that will remain persistent is that as processors will grow more powerful and more smartphones are switching to LTE technology, phone’s battery life will continue to suffer.

Hopefully, scientists will get full-proof solution by the next five years.

Future smartphones will definitely incorporate lot more. Green technology, advanced security features will also find place in the future.

With developers working on the next great mobile technology every other day, awesome mobile technology could be coming down the pipeline anytime soon.

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