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Advisors Asset Management Inc. reduces its holdings in RPM International Inc. (NYSE:RPM)

Advisors Asset Management Inc. reduces its holdings in RPM International Inc. (NYSE:RPM)

The most recent filing that Advisors Asset Management INC has made with the SEC indicates that during the third quarter, the company sold off 4.9% of its holdings in RPM International INC (NYSE: RPM).

After selling 1,792 shares of the company’s stock during the quarter, the institutional investor now has 34,639 shares of the company’s common stock.

The company specializes in specialty chemicals.

The value of Advisors Asset Management INC’s holdings in RPM International was stated to be $2,886,000 in its most recent report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In the most recent few months, a variety of other hedge funds have modified the size of their positions in the company.

During the first three months of 2018, Cowa LLC saw a 9,901.1% increase in RPM International holdings.

After purchasing an additional 319,411 shares of the specialty chemicals company’s stock during the most recent fiscal quarter, Cowa LLC now has 322,637 shares of the company’s stock, valued at $263,000.

This brings the total number of shares that Cowa LLC owns in the company to 322,637 (up from 262,000). Russell Investments Group Ltd increased the amount of RPM International stock owned by 116.6% over the year’s second quarter. Russell Investments Group Ltd currently has 75,698 shares held by the specialty chemicals company.

This is because the company purchased an additional 40,748 shares during the most recent fiscal quarter.

There is a value of $5,969,000 attached to these shares.

Baird Financial Group INC increased its holdings in RPM International by 9.0% over the first three months of the year.

Baird Financial Group INC now has 233,786 shares of the specialty chemicals company’s stock, thanks to the purchase of 19,318 additional shares during the most recent quarter.

This brings the company’s total number of shares owned to 233,786.

The total value of all of these shares at today’s market price equals $19,039,000.

During the second quarter, the value of the investment that Captrust Financial Advisors had made in RPM International increased by 242.0%. Captrust Financial Advisors now holds a total of 25,813 shares of the specialty chemicals company’s stock, which has a market value of $2,032,000.

This is the result of the purchase of an additional 18,266 shares during the most recent fiscal quarter.

Last but not least, during the second quarter, Sciencast Management LP invested approximately $1.590,000,000 to RPM Internationalre a new position in the company.

The company’s common stock is owned collectively by institutional investors and hedge funds to 81.50%.
Recently, several equity analysts were asked for their thoughts on RPM stock, and they provided their responses.

BMO Capital Markets lowered its price target for RPM International in a research note published on Friday, January 6.

The note was made available to the public.

The new price target, which was set at $120.00, has been reduced to $112.00, and the company has maintained its “outperform” rating on the stock.

Evercore ISI stated its intention to raise its price target on RPM International shares to $105.00 in a research note published on October 13., which had previously assigned a “hold” rating to the company’s shares, upgraded the stock of RPM International on Monday to a “buy” recommendation.

Previously, the company’s shares had been assigned a “hold” rating. KeyCorp announced on December 14 that it would begin providing coverage for RPM International shares in a report issued that day.

They rated the company based on something they called its “sector weight,” which they referred to as its ranking. Robert W.

Baird lowered their price objective on RPM International from $100.00 to $92.00 in a report made public on Friday, January 6.

The report was made available to the public.

The final and most significant adjustment was made here. One research analyst suggested purchasing the stock, four suggested holding onto the stock, and four suggested purchasing the stock. One research analyst suggested purchasing the stock.

According to Bloomberg, the current recommendation for the company is “Hold,” and analysts have set an average price objective of $97.78 for the stock.

This information was derived from research conducted by financial analysts.
On Thursday, RPM stock was introduced to the market for USD 89 per share.

The company has a market capitalization of $11.49 billion, a P/E ratio of 21.60, a PEG ratio of 1.57, and a beta coefficient of 0.97.

Additionally, the PEG ratio is higher than the P/E ratio at 1.57.

During the last 52 weeks, the price of RPM International INC has ranged anywhere from $74.56 to $106.50 at various points.

The ratio of debt to equity is currently sitting at 1.36, the ratio of quick ratio to current ratio is currently sitting at 1.58, and the ratio of current ratio to quick ratio is currently sitting at 2.57.

The moving averages for the previous 50 days at the company are $94.29, and the moving averages for the previous 200 days are $93.38, respectively.

RPM International, which trades under the symbol “RPM” on the New York Stock Exchange, presented its findings in a report that was made public on January 5.

The market’s prediction was spot on with the earnings per share (EPS) that the company that specializes in chemicals reported for the quarter, which came in at $1.10.

This figure was the same as the estimate that was made by the market.

During the period under consideration, RPM International achieved a return on equity of 28.55 percent and a net margin of 7.46 percent.

The analysts’ range of estimates for the company’s quarterly sales was from $1.81 billion to $1.79 billion, with the average estimate falling in the middle. Compared to the previous year’s results for the same quarter, the company’s earnings per share came in at $0.79. RPM International’s revenue increased by 9.3% in the third fiscal quarter compared to last year’s period.RPM International INC is expected to generate earnings of $4.37 per share during the current fiscal year, as stated by the projections of market analysts.

The company announced a quarterly dividend, which was paid out on January 31.

In addition, the company issued a press release regarding the dividend. On Friday, January 20, stockholders who still owned their shares as of that date were eligible to receive a $0.42 dividend payment.

The date that the dividend was forfeited was this past Thursday, January 19.

This results in a dividend payment of $1.68 per year when calculated on an annualized basis and a yield of 1.89%.

The dividend payout ratio, also referred to as the DPR, for RPM International currently stands at 40.78%.

RPM International, INC is a corporation specializing in producing, marketing, and selling various coatings, sealants, building supplies, and related services.

The company carries out these activities.

The company’s business operations are broken down into several divisions, including the Construction Products Group (CPG), the Performance Coatings Group (PCG), the Consumer Group, and the Specialty Products Group (SPG).


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