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Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC has purchased shares of Axos Financial, Inc. (NYSE:AX).

Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC has purchased shares of Axos Financial, Inc. (NYSE:AX).

According to the most recent 13F filing that Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company’s holdings of Axos Financial, Inc. (NYSE: AX) increased by 37.9% during the third quarter. The corporation ended the month with a total of 142,345 shares of the company’s stock after making purchases of an additional 39,096 company shares. In total, the corporation owned 142,345 of the company’s shares. Allspring Global Investments Holdings LLC has a holding in Axos Financial worth $4,872,000, as indicated by their most recent filing with the SEC, according to which they have 0.24% of the company.

Several additional institutional investors have recently made modifications to the amount of AX they are currently holding as a result of these modifications. During the third quarter, Trust Financial Corporation successfully elevated the percentage of Axos Financial shares it owned to 11.1%. Following the completion of an acquisition that resulted in the purchase of 41,593 shares, which brought the total number of shares owned by Trust Financial Corp. to 41,593, the company now owns 4,163 additional shares of the company’s stock, which has a value of $1,424,000. During the third quarter, BerganKDV Wealth Management LLC accomplished an increase of 2.6% in the proportion of Axos Financial in which it had invested. The value of the 18,443 shares of the company’s stock currently owned by BerganKDV Wealth Management LLC is $631,000. This is a result of purchasing 470 additional shares spread throughout the year. A further investment in Axos Financial, with a market value of approximately $869,000, was acquired by the Louisiana State Employees Retirement System in the third quarter. CCG Wealth Management LLC increased its stake in Axos Financial by purchasing additional shares during the third quarter and investing approximately $11,989,000.

Last but not least, during the second quarter, Federated Hermes Inc. purchased an additional interest in Axos Financial valued at approximately $2,400,000. This is certainly not the least important item on this list. Institutional investors and hedge funds own 76.97% of the company’s shares.

The common stock of AX began trading on Tuesday for $41.40 per share. Over the last year and a half, the price of a share of Axos Financial, Inc. has ranged from $33.91 to $60.97, with a moving average of $33.91. The debt-to-equity ratio comes in at 0.37, the quick ratio comes in at 1.09, the current ratio comes in at 1.09, and the quick ratio to current assets comes in at 1.09. The stock has had a moving average price of $38.99 over the past 50 days, and its moving average price over the past 200 days is $39.47. The company’s market capitalization is currently at $2.48 billion, its P/E ratio is currently sitting at 10.48, and its beta is currently at 1.42.

The most recent earnings report for Axos Financial, which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “AX,” was released on October 27. The company’s actual earnings for the quarter came in at $1.18 per share, which is $0.05 more than the analysts’ consensus estimate of $1.13 per share for the company’s earnings for the quarter. The return on equity for Axos Financial came in at 16.49%, while the net margin for the company was 28.47%. The sales for the company came in at $207.68 million for the quarter, which is significantly higher than the analysts’ prediction of $197.50 million for the quarter’s sales. During the current fiscal year, sell-side analysts anticipate that Axos Financial, Inc. will have 4.7 cents per share earnings.

Several equity analysts have written studies on the AX stock; each has its areas of expertise. debuted its coverage of Axos Financial on October 12 with the publication of a research report. This was the first time the website had reported on the company. They advised their clients to “hold” the stock moving forward. Piper Sandler disclosed their decision to increase their price target for Axos Financial from $45.00 to $47.00 in a research note released on November 1. DA Davidson stated that they would be increasing their price target on Axos Financial to $40.00 in a research report published on November 1. Raymond James gave the stock a “strong-buy” recommendation in a research note disseminated on October 31. At the same time, the firm lowered its price objective on Axos Financial from $52 to $50. On Monday, the new policy was introduced to the public. Two research analysts recommend maintaining existing positions in the stock, while the remaining four recommend purchasing shares of the company’s stock. One research analyst recommends a strong purchase of the stock. The company has been given an average recommendation of “Moderate Buy,” and the price target has been set at $48.33, as indicated by the data provided by Bloomberg.

In related news, on November 15, Senior Vice President Ron Pitters exercised his option to sell 2,000 shares of company stock. This is just one of the latest developments in connection with this particular topic. The shares were sold for a total of $85,080.00, which is equivalent to an average price of $42.54 per share. The shares were sold for this amount. There are currently 11,315 shares in the company that belongs to the senior vice president. These shares are currently worth a combined sum of $481,340.10 to him. If you follow this link, you will be taken to the SEC filing, where the transaction was discussed in more detail. Business insiders control the total number of shares of stock in the company to the extent of 4.81%.

Customers in the United States have access to the full spectrum of financial services Axos Financial, Inc. and its subsidiaries provide. These services include commercial as well as retail banking options. The banking and securities businesses are the primary areas in which it operates as a commercial enterprise. Individuals and corporations can open the following types of accounts with the company: checking, demand, savings, time deposit, money market, insured cash sweep, and more.


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