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Analysts have given Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:DNA) an average recommendation of “Hold.”

Analysts have given Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:DNA) an average recommendation of “Hold.”

According to Bloomberg, the eight brokerages currently covering Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings Inc. (NYSE: DNA) have given the company’s stock an average rating of “Hold.” One equity research analyst recommended selling the stock, two analysts suggested holding onto the stock, and three analysts suggested buying the stock. The brokerage firms that have written reports on the stock in the recent past have set the average price target for the stock for the next year at $5.92. This price target was set for the stock. The price objective for the stock is as shown here.

Recent times have seen the company receive feedback from various equity research analysts who have followed the company’s progress. On November 28th, Berenberg Bank published a research note concerning Ginkgo Bioworks, which marked the beginning of the bank’s coverage of the company above. They recommended that the company “buy” the stock and establish a price objective of $6.00. BTIG Research stated that they had reduced their price goal for Ginkgo Bioworks to $4.00 in a research note that was published on November 17th. On October 4th, Morgan Stanley sent out a note to their clientele in the form of a research coverage announcement regarding Ginkgo Bioworks. The price target for the stock was determined to be $5, and the rating for the stock was changed to “equal weight.” In a research note published on November 22nd, Raymond James announced that they had finally downgraded their “outperform” rating on Ginkgo Bioworks and lowered their price objective for the stock from $10.50 to $6.00.

When trading started on Tuesday, the price of a share of Ginkgo Bioworks was $1.86 per share. The simple moving average price of the company’s shares over the past 50 days is $1.89, while the average price over the last 200 days is $2.55. Ginkgo Bioworks experienced a low of $1.45 during the prior year, while the company achieved a


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