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Analysts have given Steven Madden, Ltd. (NASDAQ:SHOO) an average rating of “Hold.”

Analysts have given Steven Madden, Ltd. (NASDAQ:SHOO) an average rating of “Hold.”

According to Bloomberg Ratings, the stock has received an average recommendation of “Hold” from the eleven brokerages currently tracking Steven Madden, Ltd. These brokerages are following Steven Madden, Ltd. (NASDAQ: SHOO). In addition, four specialists have made recommendations to purchase the stock, while six analysts have made recommendations to hold onto the stock. The stock price is forecast to reach $38.71 per share, according to a compilation of the findings of various analysts who have covered it over the preceding year.
Professionals in the field of equity research have published several studies recently that are related to the SHOO stock. In a research report published on September 28, 2013, CL King reevaluated Steven Madden and moved its rating for the company from “neutral” to “buy.” This change was made in response to the company’s strong performance. September 21 saw the publication of a report by Exane BNP Paribas, which marked the beginning of the investment firm’s coverage of Steven Madden’s stock. They gave the stock the rating of “outperform” to reflect their expectations for its future performance. In a report published on November 3, Telsey Advisory Group lowered their “market performed” rating on shares of Steven Madden to $34.00 and lowered their price objective on those shares from $38.00 to $34.00. These changes came after the firm set its price objective on those shares at $38.00. Loop Capital shifted its recommendation on Steven Madden’s stock from “buy” to “hold” and simultaneously set a price objective of $30.00 for the stock. A report was made available to the general public on Tuesday, September 13. Wedbush finally lowered its price target on shares of Steven Madden from $43.00 to $29.00 in a report released on Tuesday, November 1. Furthermore, the brokerage firm lowered its rating on the stock from “outperform” to “neutral” after further consideration.
On Friday, the NASDAQ: SHOO stock price opened at $31.34, and trading began for the day. The company has a price-to-earnings ratio of 9.92 and a beta of 1.11, and its market capitalization is $2.44 billion. In addition, the beta of its stock is 1.11. Over the previous year, Steven Madden’s stock price reached a high of $45.89 and a low of $45.89. The moving average for the stock over the past 50 days is $32.53, and the moving average over the past 200 days is $31.49, respectively.
The most recent quarterly earnings report for Steven Madden, which was published on November 2 and can be found under the symbol “NASDAQ: SHOO,” was for the period ending September 30. The earnings per share for the textile business came in at $0.79 for the quarter, which was in line with the $0.79 consensus estimate provided by the analysts. The net margin for Steven Madden was 11.22%, while the return on equity for the company was 30.37%. The revenue for the quarter came in significantly higher than the $532.33 million that analysts had anticipated, coming in at $556.64 million instead. Sell-side analysts anticipate that Steven Madden will bring in $2.81 in earnings per share for the current fiscal year. [citation needed]
In addition, the company has just recently announced and disbursed a quarterly dividend, which was paid out on Friday, December 30. This dividend was just recently declared and distributed. On Friday, December 16, dividends for $0.21 were distributed to shareholders of record as of the previous Friday, December 16. This translates into a dividend payment of $0.84 per month and a dividend yield of 2.68% for the stock when calculated annually. The ex-dividend day occurred on December 15, a Thursday just a few days ago. The dividend payout ratio for Steven Madden is at a current level of 26.58%.
Recent months have seen several hedge funds and institutional investors adjust the proportion of a company’s stock that they own. During the third quarter, Parkside Financial Bank & Trust achieved a 28.8% increase in the proportion of Steven Madden stock it owned. After making an additional purchase of 412 shares during the period in question, Parkside Financial Bank & Trust is now the owner of 1,843 shares belonging to the textile manufacturer. The price per share of the stock is currently $49,000. During the third quarter, Harbor Investment Advisory LLC completed an 18.4% increase in the Steven Madden stock held in its portfolio. Harbor Investment Advisory LLC is now the owner of a total of 2,517 shares in the textile company. These shares are valued at $67,000 and were acquired by purchasing 392 additional shares during the most recent quarter. During the third quarter, Quadrant Capital Group LLC achieved a 294.3% increase in the proportion of Steven Madden stock it owned. In the most recent fiscal quarter, Quadrant Capital Group LLC successfully acquired an additional 2,393 shares of the textile company’s stock, bringing the total number of shares it owns to 3,206, with a value of $86,000. Nisa Investment Advisors LLC successfully increased the amount of Steven Madden stock owned by 18.2% over the second quarter. Following the acquisition of an additional 640 shares during the period in question, Nisa Investment Advisors LLC now possesses a total of 4,150 shares of the stock held by the textile manufacturer. The value of these shares is currently $134,000. Last but not least, during the second quarter, Edgestream Partners L.P. completed a transaction that increased the total value of its holdings in Steven Madden shares to approximately $214,000. Various institutions hold the vast majority of the stock (95.30%).
In addition to designing, sourcing, marketing, and selling fashion-forward footwear, accessories, and clothing for women, men, and children in the United States and worldwide, Steven Madden, Ltd. also creates and sells these items. These products include footwear and apparel that are branded as well as those with private labels. The wholesale footwear sector of the company sells branded and private label footwear under the brand names Steve Madden, Steven by Steve Madden, Madden Girl, BB Dakota, Dolce Vita, DV Dolce Vita, Betsey Johnson, GREATS, Blondo, Anne Klein, Mad Love, Superga, Madden NYC, and COOL Planet. Other brands include Steven by Steve Madden, Madden NYC, and COOL Planet.


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