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Aptus Capital Advisors LLC Expands Its Holdings in Ally Financial Inc. (NYSE:ALLY)

Aptus Capital Advisors LLC Expands Its Holdings in Ally Financial Inc. (NYSE:ALLY)

The most recent Form 13F filing that the company made with the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that during the third quarter, Aptus Capital Advisors LLC made a new investment in Ally Financial Inc. (NYSE: ALLY). This information was provided in the most recent quarterly report that the company released. The corporation shelled out nearly 383,000 dollars to acquire 13,776 shares in another business that offers financial services.

In recent months, several additional large investors have changed the interests they already hold in the company, and various investors have made these changes. Kinneret Advisory LLC increased its overall holdings by 2.3% during the first three months of the year by purchasing additional shares of Ally Financial. The most recent quarter saw the acquisition of 262 additional shares, bringing the total number of shares in the financial services provider that Kinneret Advisory LLC owns to 11,700. The total value of these shares comes to $509,000. Blair William & Co. IL increased the amount of Ally Financial stock owned by 2.6% over the year’s first three months. As of right now, Blair William & Co., IL, has 10,497 shares of stock in the company that provides financial services. These shares are worth a combined total of $456,000. This was achieved by purchasing 264 shares during the most recent fiscal quarter to complete the transaction. Salem Investment Counselors, Inc. increased its holdings in Ally Financial by 115.0 percent during the year’s first three months. Salem Investment Counselors Inc. now has 645 shares, valued at $28,000, and belongs to the financial services provider. This is because the company purchased an additional 345 shares of the stock during the most recent quarter. During the first three months of the year, EP Wealth Advisors LLC was able to amass an 8.2% increase in its holdings of Ally Financial. As a result of the purchase of 354 additional shares during the most recent quarter, EP Wealth Advisors LLC now directly owns 4,656 shares in the financial services provider. These shares have a value of $202,000, and the company’s total investment in these shares is $202,000. During the second quarter, Vestmark Advisory Solutions Inc. increased the amount of Ally Financial stock owned by 3.8% compared to the previous quarter. This brings us to the conclusion of our discussion. After making a new purchase of 356 shares during the most recent quarter of the fiscal year, Vestmark Advisory Solutions Inc. now owns 9,632 shares in the financial services provider, which have a value of $323,000. These shares were acquired as part of the most recent fiscal quarter. Hedge funds and other types of institutional investors own a total of 90.35 percent of the company’s shares.

In related news, Ally Financial director Marjorie Magner purchased 2,000 shares of the company’s stock on Tuesday, October 25. This is another development about Ally Financial. The total value of the stock bought was $54,860.00, which works out to an average price of $27.43 per share divided by the number of shares purchased. Following the successful completion of the acquisition, the director now directly owns a total of 55,603 shares of the company’s stock, which together have a value of $1,525,190.29. You can obtain additional information regarding the acquisition by clicking on the link provided, which will take you to a legal file that has been presented to the SEC. The company’s insiders hold 0.57 percent of the total shares that are currently outstanding.

NYSE: ALLY opened for trading on Thursday at $27.01 per share. Currently, one share of the company’s stock can be purchased for $25.74, while the stock’s simple moving average price over the past 200 trading days is $29.54. The price-to-earnings ratio of the company’s stock, which is 4.55, and its beta value, which is 1.27, are relatively high. The total value of the company’s stock on the market is currently valued at $8.07 billion. During the period covered by this report, Ally Financial Inc.’s stock price ranged from a year high of $51.05 to a one-year low of $22.34. There is a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.64, a current ratio of 0.88, and a quick ratio of 0.87. All three of these numbers are very similar.

The most recent quarterly results report for Ally Financial (NYSE: ALLY) was made public on October 19, a Wednesday. The financial services company’s quarterly profits per share came in at $1.12, which is $0.61 less than the consensus prediction of $1.73. Market analysts made the prediction. Ally Financial had a return on equity of 19.51% and a net margin of 24.78% for the company overall. The revenue for the quarter came in at $2.02 billion, which was lower than the $2.17 billion analysts had anticipated it would be for the quarter. The company’s earnings per share for the quarter were $2.16, which was $2.16 higher than the previous year’s results for the same quarter. The revenue for the quarter saw a 1.6% increase when measured against the same period in the prior year’s financial year. Ally Financial Inc. is expected to generate earnings of 5.99 cents per share during the current fiscal year, as stated by the projections of market analysts.

Very recently, the ALLY shares have been the subject of research articles written by several different equity analysts. In a research note published on January 3, Barclays lowered their price objective on Ally Financial from $40.00 to $33.00 and downgraded the stock from “overweight” to “equal weight.” TheStreet downgraded Ally Financial from a rating of “b-” to a “c+” in a research report made available for public consumption on Wednesday, October 19. Stephens decreased their price target on Ally Financial from $39.00 to $26.00 in a research report released on Thursday, October 20. Additionally, an “equal weight” rating was given to the stock by the company. Ally Financial was downgraded from a “buy” recommendation to a “hold” rating in a research report that was made public on Tuesday, January 10. The price objective set by Jefferies Financial Group was reduced from $40.00 to $25.00. Both of these changes were made in response to recent market events. Both of these alterations were carried out. JPMorgan Chase & Co. revealed in a research note released on Tuesday, January 10, that the price objective they have set for Ally Financial has decreased from $30.00 to $27.00. According to the specialists in equity research findings, five market analysts have given the stock a buy rating, eight market analysts have given the stock a hold rating, and four market analysts have given the stock a sell rating. According to Bloomberg, the current consensus opinion regarding Ally Financial is to “Hold” their stock, and the current consensus price objective for the company is $33.97.

Consumers, companies, and corporations, particularly in the United States of America and Canada, can take advantage of the extensive selection of digital financial goods and services made available by Ally Financial Inc. This company specializes in providing digital financial services. This division comprises four subcategories: mortgage finance operations, corporate finance operations, insurance activities, and automotive finance operations.


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