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AR Stephens Inc. purchases 15,000 Permian Resources Co. shares (NASDAQ:PR)

AR Stephens Inc. purchases 15,000 Permian Resources Co. shares (NASDAQ:PR)

The Securities and Exchange Commission was the recipient of Stephens, Inc.’s most recent disclosure on Form 13F, which the company submitted.

AR increased its holdings of shares of Permian Resources Company (NASDAQ: PR) during the quarter that ended on September 30 (SEC). The corporation invested approximately 102,000 dollars, or thereabouts, in purchasing 15,000 shares of stock in the company.

A few additional hedge funds have also adjusted the total number of shares they are currently holding in their portfolios. Tributary Capital Management LLC increased its ownership in Permian Resources during the third quarter, bringing its total investment to approximately $11,505,000. This brought the total investment value of the company to approximately $11,505,000.

Mizuho Markets Americas LLC made an additional investment of approximately $4,724,000 in Permian Resources during the third quarter, bringing the total amount of money the company has invested to approximately $4,724,000.

During the third quarter, Sanders Morris Harris LLC contributed $4,557,000 to Permian Resources by purchasing a brand-new investment in the company above. The value of Nordea Investment Management AB’s holdings in Permian Resources increased during the third quarter due to the company’s purchase of additional shares for $3,702,000.

During the third quarter, Raymond James & Associates made a new investment in Permian Resources with a total value of $3,319,000. This was the company’s final and most recent investment.

Institutional investors and hedge funds are responsible for holding a combined total of 88.44% of the company’s outstanding shares.
Several equity analysts have recently published research articles based on their investigations into the company.

Mizuho began providing coverage of Permian Resources in the form of a research note as of January 9. They decided that a “neutral” rating would be appropriate for the company and that the price target should be $13.00. Citigroup published a research note on Wednesday, October 26, announcing it would begin covering Permian Resources. They suggested that investors purchase the stock and establish a price objective of $12.00. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Lowered their price objective on Permian Resources from $12.00 to $11.00 in a research report published on October 20.

Despite this, they kept their “overweight” rating on the stock.

Piper Sandler lowered their price objective on Permian Resources from $15.00 to $14.00 in a research note published on December 1.

Permian Resources was previously recommended to “sell.” Still, it has been upgraded to a “hold,” Truist Financial has raised its price target for the stock from $14.00 to $15.00 in a research note published on Friday, December 2. The stock has been given a buy rating by five separate analysts, with one recommending that investors hold on to their shares.

According to, the current consensus rating for Permian Resources is a moderate buy, and the consensus price target for the company is currently set at $13.00.

Both of these statistics can be found on the website.
On November 4, Chief Operating Officer Matthew R. Garrison made a transaction in which he sold 40,000 shares of the company’s stock. This is just one of the recent events involving Permian Resources. On average, 11.11 dollars was the price that was paid for each share before the sale, which resulted in the total amount of $440,400.00 being collected. Following the successful conclusion of the transaction, the chief operating officer is now the direct owner of 1,107,566 shares of the company. The current market value of these shares is $12,194,301.66.

Additional information regarding the transaction can be found in a document sent to the SEC and is now available online.

Individuals employed by the company own 29.20 percent of the company’s shares.

On Thursday, when trading started, PR stock was priced at $10.58 per share. The debt-to-equity ratio, the current ratio, and the quick ratio all equal 0.42, and all three of these ratios add up to 0.72. The company’s market capitalization is currently valued at $5.90 billion, and it has a price-to-earnings ratio of 5.88 and a beta of 4.51. Over the past year, the price of a share of Permian Resources Company has fluctuated between $5.08 and $11.43, with a low of $5.08 and a high of $11.43. Over the past fifty days, the company has experienced a moving average of $9.59.
Permian Resources (NASDAQ: PR) released its most recent quarterly earnings report on November 8, making it available for the public.

During the period under consideration, the return on equity for Permian Resources was 16.19%, and the company’s net margin was 35.15%.

According to financial experts’ forecasts, the company will earn $0.43 per share for the period in question. The company’s sales for the quarter came in at $549.78 million, which is significantly higher than the average sales projection of $507.25 million that was made for company.

Permian Resources Company is expected to generate an average profit of $1.77 per share throughout the current fiscal year, as stated by industry analysts’ projections.

In addition, the company announced the dividend payment on November 29, which was made available to shareholders. On Monday, November 21, $0.05 dividend payments per share were mailed out to stockholders who already had their information on file. This past Friday, November 18, was the deadline for customers to submit their payment to receive the dividend. Currently, 10.75% is the percentage represented by Permian Resources’ dividend payout ratio.


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