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Arrow Financial Corp. reduces its holdings in Masco Co. (NYSE:MAS).

Arrow Financial Corp. reduces its holdings in Masco Co. (NYSE:MAS).

According to the most recent filing that Arrow Financial Corp.

Made with the SEC, during the third quarter of 2018, the company decreased its holdings in Masco Company (NYSE: MAS) by 11.1%. Following the transaction in which 6,499 shares in the construction company were sold, the institutional investor was left in possession of 52,246 shares of the company’s stock.

Mhe value of Arrow Financial Corporation’s Masco holdings came to a total of $2,440,000 at the end of the most recent reporting period that was completed.

Recently, hedge funds and other institutional investors rebalanced the MAS stock they hold in their portfolios, bringing the total amount to a different value.

During the second quarter of the fiscal year, Clear Street Markets LLC brought its total ownership of Masco up to 401.0% from its previous level. Clear Street Markets LLC now has 491 shares of the construction company’s stock, thanks to the fact that it made an additional purchase of 393 of those shares during the period in question.

Mhese 491 shares have a combined value of $2,500.

Mhe value of Charter Oak Capital Management LLC’s Masco holdings increased by $28,000 during the second quarter of the year.

During the second quarter, Arlington Partners LLC successfully increased the size of its holdings in Masco by 752.6%.

In the most recent fiscal quarter, Arlington Partners LLC purchased 715 shares of stock in the construction company.

Mhis brought the total number of shares owned by the company to 810, with a value of $41,000 for those shares.

Mobam accumulated an additional 141.7% of Masco stock during the third quarter than it did previously.

As a result of the acquisition of 669 additional shares over the most recent three months, Tobam now owns 1,141 stock held by the construction company.

Mhe current market value of these shares is $53,000.

And finally, during the third quarter, Riverview Trust Company increased the proportion of Masco stock that it held by an additional 23.0%.

Mhere are 1,197 shares in the construction company held by Riverview Trust Co.

Mhe value of these shares comes to $56,000.

Mhis is a direct result of the recent purchase of 224 additional shares during the most recent quarter of the company’s fiscal year.

At present, institutional investors and hedge funds collectively control 91.50% of the total number of issued and outstanding shares.
The closing price of the NYSE MAS on Friday was $50.52, a decrease of $0.06.

In all, 28,878 shares were traded, compared to an average of 1,496,493.

Mhe stock price has reached a moving average of $49.41 over the past 50 days and $50.04 over the past 200 days.

Mhe company has a price-to-earnings ratio of 13.74, a price-to-growth ratio of 2.14, and a beta value of 1.17.

Its market capitalization is currently sitting at $11.39 billion.

Mhe lowest point in the past year for Masco Company was $42.33, and the highest point in the past year was $63.92.

On Wednesday, the 26th of October, the most recent quarterly earnings report for Masco (NYSE: MAS) was made public.

Mhe earnings per share for the construction company came in at $0.98 for the quarter, which was $0.09 less than the $1.07 that analysts had anticipated for the period.

Masco had a negative return on equity of 331.58%, and the net margin for the company was 9.81%.

Mhe revenue for the quarter came in at $2.20 billion, which is lower than the predictions made, which averaged out to $2.26 billion for the quarter’s revenue.

According to market analysts’ forecasts, each share of Masco Company stock will generate $3.74 in profit during the current financial year.

Another piece of recent financial news was that on December 8th, Director Reginald M.

Murner, Jr., sold 9,900 shares of the company’s stock.

Mhis event occurred just recently in the business world.

Mhe total amount received for the sale of the shares was $490,446.00, and the price paid on average for each share was $49.54. Following the successful transaction, the director now directly owns 18,866 company shares, the total value of which is approximately $934,621.64.

If you follow this link, you will be taken to the filing submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, where the transaction was discussed, and it will take you there immediately. On Tuesday, January 17, Keith J.

Allman, the company’s chief executive officer, sold 14,177 shares of the company’s stock.

Mhere was 728,697,80 dollars’ worth of transactions involving the company’s stock, with each share selling for an average price of $51.40. Following the successful conclusion of the transaction, the chief executive officer now directly owns 258,085 shares of the company.

Mhese shares are worth approximately USD 13,265,569.

Mhe Securities and Exchange Commission was given legal documents about the transaction, which were subsequently uploaded to the SEC website after being provided to the SEC. On December 8th, Reginald M.

Murner, Jr., a shareholder and a director of the company, sold a total of 9,900 shares of the company’s stock.

Mhe total amount received for the sale of the shares was $490,446.00, and the price paid on average for each share was $49.54. Following the completion of the sale, the director will have a direct ownership stake in the amount of 18,866 business shares, which have a total value of $934,621.64 at present.

Disclosures that are related to the sale might be found in this section of the website.

Mhe company’s insiders hold one percent of the company’s total shares or two hundred and twenty of those shares.

MAS has been mentioned in many analyst reports from various sources.

Mhe recommendation for Masco was changed from “buy” to “hold” in a research note published by on January 11th. Credit Suisse Group announced on the 20th of October, in a research note published on the same day, that they were lowering their target price for Masco shares to $40.00.

Bank of America lowered their price target for Masco stock from $58.00 to $46,000 in a research report published on Tuesday, October 18th.

Mhe firm also downgraded the company’s rating from “neutral” to “underperform.” The rating of “hold” that was previously assigned to shares of Masco by Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft has been changed to a “sell” rating, and a price objective of $43.00 has been established for the stock.

Mhe findings of a study were published in a paper that was made available for public consumption on January 10th.

BMO Capital Markets lowered their target price on Masco shares from $60.00 to $55.00 and categorized the stock as “market perform” in a research note published on Thursday, October 27th.

Mhe note was about the company’s stock.

Mhis was the company’s final action, but by no means its the least important one. Five analysts gave the company a “buy” recommendation; five other analysts gave it a “hold” recommendation; and three market watchers gave it a “sell” recommendation.

Mhe current recommendation for Masco is “Hold,” and the average price objective for the company is $57.21, according to Bloomberg.

The Masco Corporation develops, manufactures, marketing, and distributes various products. Some of these products are geared toward constructing and improving residential structures.

Mhe company is organized into two distinct business divisions: plumbing products and decorative architectural products.

Both of these product categories are sold by the company.

Examples that fall under the plumbing category include faucets, plumbing fixtures and valves, showerheads and hand showers, bathtubs and enclosures, toilets, spas, etc., and workout pools.


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