Artificial Intelligence: An attempt towards infinite Intelligence


The human brain undoubtedly is very unique–its extent and ability to adapt, learn and infer etc. seems to be a privilege to the human species.So much so, that we’re on the verge of imparting and replicating our abilities into our own creations – machines, AI, Machine Learning, is swiftly advancing in the direction –surpassing the limits of execution of commands, machines are now gaining the ability to perceive and learn various functionalities simply by using experiences.
What we’re about to explore are the possibilities of deep learning which are already enabling machines to effectively sneak-peek into the future and the scope of growth is quite akin to magic!
Though, as of now, machines have their own limitations, they still lack independence in decision making, unable to produce 100% error-free results and also lacks redundancy.
Let’s take a brief look at Where AI can be best leveraged.

This is probably the industry with the collection of the largest amount of data acquired widely, and for the longest time and the use of analytics has been crucial in predicting weather trends for decades.Now, with the advent of AI, these techniques have become significantly superior.It renders, much longer windows into the future.

Education is another important industry with huge volumes of data with patterns that couldn’t be identified too easily by human intelligence. AI is being employed to use data of thousands of students across schools and over years to optimize curriculum, predict remedial steps for every individual & even improve the methods of teaching.

AI could be a promising step towards pushing the world to the next level of advancement –and Machine Learning is probably going to be that critical step in this age of being tech-savvy that will Influence all other industries and technologies to become highly optimized.