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Avalon Investment & Advisory sold shares of Brookfield Asset Management Ltd. (NYSE:BAM).

Avalon Investment & Advisory sold shares of Brookfield Asset Management Ltd. (NYSE:BAM).

According to the most recent 13F filing that Avalon Investment & Advisory made with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company reduced its position in Brookfield Asset Management Ltd. (NYSE: BAM) (TSE: BAM.A) by 2.6% during the third quarter of this year. The fund was left with 1,022,890 shares in the financial services provider after selling 27,758 individual shares of stock throughout the period. It is the 24th largest stake that Avalon Investment & Advisory has because Brookfield Asset Management owns approximately 1.3% of the holdings that Avalon Investment & Advisory has. Avalon Investment & Advisory owned 0.06% of Brookfield Asset Management after the most recent reporting period. At that time, the value of Brookfield Asset Management on the market was $41,826,000.

Several additional significant investors have also changed the proportion of the company’s shares they own. The value of King Luther Capital Management Corporation’s holdings in Brookfield Asset Management increased by an amount equivalent to a 223.9% increase over the second quarter. King Luther Capital Management Corp. now holds 56,165 shares of the company’s stock, valued at $2,498,000, following the acquisition of an additional 38,827 shares during the most recent quarter. In addition, Walleye Capital LLC purchased Brookfield Asset Management for $443,000.This transaction took place during the first three months of the year. In the third quarter, Sargent Bickham Lagudis LLC made a 7.3% increase in the percentage of Brookfield Asset Management shares that it owned, bringing its total ownership percentage to a total of 98.7%. Sargent Bickham Lagudis LLC now has 58,347 stock held by the financial services provider due to purchasing an additional 3,981 shares during the period in question. The current value of these shares is $2,386,000. In the second quarter, Janney Montgomery Scott LLC made a fresh investment in Brookfield Asset Management, amounting to approximately $7,357,000. In the third quarter, Veriti Management LLC increased the percentage of Brookfield Asset Management shares that it owned by 5.7%, making it clear that it does not consider itself to be in last place. Following the acquisition of 781 additional shares during the period in question, Veriti Management LLC now holds a total of 14,477 shares of the financial services provider’s stock, which gives the company a market valuation of $592,000.

Recent commentary on BAM has been provided by several analysts who focus on equity research as their area of expertise. JPMorgan Chase & Co. announced in a report published on December 20 that they will be covering Brookfield Asset Management. They gave the stock an “overweight” rating and decided that a price target of $35.00 was appropriate. BMO Capital Markets announced on December 13, in a published research note, that they would be providing coverage on shares of Brookfield Asset Management. They rated the stock as “market perform” and concluded that it should be priced at $32.00 by the end of the year. On Friday, broadened its coverage to include Brookfield Asset Management, a company previously absent from the website’s scope of coverage. They suggested that customers “sell” the company to the company. The Goldman Sachs Group disclosed in a report made available to the general public on Tuesday, December 13, that it has broadened the scope of its coverage to include Brookfield Asset Management. They gave the stock a “buy” rating and simultaneously set a price objective of $40.00 for the stock. Last but not least, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft lowered its “hold” rating on Brookfield Asset Management and its target price from $52.00 to $44.00 in a research note published on October 12. The stock has been recommended to sell by one of the equity research analysts, a recommendation to hold by three of them, a recommendation


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