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Barclays PLC Expands Its Holdings in American Express

Barclays PLC Expands Its Holdings in American Express

The most recent filing that the company made with the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that during the third quarter, Barclays PLC increased its stake in American Express (NYSE: AXP) by 42.5%. The institutional investor now has a total of 2,110,826 shares in the payment services company thanks to an additional purchase of 629,960 shares during the most recent time. This brings the total number of shares of stock they own in the company to 2,110,826. The most recent statement that Barclays PLC made with the Securities and Exchange Commission reveals that the company holds $284,769,000 worth of stock, which is equivalent to 0.28% of American Express. Barclays PLC made this revelation in its most recent filing with the SEC.

Hedge funds and other types of institutional investors have recently made adjustments to the number of shares of a specific company they now control due to these adjustments. During the third quarter, Addison Advisors LLC increased the amount of American Express stock owned by 239.0%, bringing its total ownership percentage to 100%. Addison Advisors LLC now has 200 shares in the payment services company after purchasing an additional 141 shares during the most recent quarter. The present value of Addison Advisors LLC’s shares in the company is $27,000. Karp Capital Management Corporation increased its position in American Express by purchasing additional shares during the company’s third quarter, bringing its total investment in the business to approximately $28,000. Heritage Wealth Management LLC spent $31,000 purchasing an entirely new position in American Express during the year’s second quarter. WFA of San Diego LLC made a total investment of $41,000 in American Express over the second quarter. As a final point of interest, it’s worth noting that during the second quarter, Castleview Partners LLC saw a 150.5% increase in the size of its holdings in American Express. By purchasing an additional 575 shares during the most recent quarter, Castleview Partners LLC increased its holdings in the payment services provider’s stock by 957, bringing the total number of shares held by the company to 2,057. The value of the company’s current stock holdings is $49 thousand. At present, hedge funds and various other types of institutional investors own 83.30 percent of the company’s common stock.

The share price of AXP dropped $1.89 during Wednesday’s trading hours, bringing it to $151.86; however, only 51,138 shares changed hands, which is significantly lower than the stock’s normal turnover of 2,828,184 shares. The company currently has a price-to-earnings ratio of 15.45, a beta value of 1.14, a market capitalization of $113.47 billion, a price-to-earnings-growth ratio of 1.24, and a price-to-earnings ratio of 15.45. The ratio of debt to equity is 1.77, the ratio of current assets to liquid assets is 1.61, and the ratio of liquid assets to current assets is 1.61. The moving average of the company’s stock price over the past 50 days is $151.72, and the moving average over the last 200 days is $149.94. Over the past 52 weeks, the price of an American Express card has fluctuated between a low of $130.65 and a high of $199.55.

On Friday, October 21, American Express (NYSE: AXP) announced that it would release the financial results for the third quarter of its fiscal year. The company that provides payment processing services reported earnings per share for the quarter that totaled $2.47, which is an increase of $0.05 over the average prediction of $2.42 for those profits. The revenue for the quarter was $13.56 billion, which is lower than the forecasted figure of $13.58 billion in revenue provided by industry professionals. Both the return on equity and the net margin for the company came in at 33.28% and 15.02%, respectively, for American Express. Compared to the same quarter from the previous year, the rise in revenue for the quarter was 24.0% higher than the prior year’s level. The company had a profit per share of $2.27 during the same period the year before when the same period was compared. It is anticipated that American Express will realize $9.97 per share earnings for its current fiscal year.

In addition, the company disclosed that it would be implementing a quarterly dividend, which is scheduled to be paid out on February 10. Shareholders who had their shares registered by the time the business day came to a close on Friday, January 6, will be eligible to receive a $0.52 dividend payment. The date shareholders will no longer receive dividends is Thursday, January 5. This results in a dividend payment of $2.08 on an annual ba


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