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Benjamin F. Edwards & Company Inc. owns $482,000 in Tekla Healthcare Investors (NYSE:HQH)

Benjamin F. Edwards & Company Inc. owns $482,000 in Tekla Healthcare Investors (NYSE:HQH)

The most recent 13F filing that Benjamin F. Edwards & Business Inc. submitted with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) indicates that during the third quarter of this year, the company increased its stake in Tekla Healthcare Investors (NYSE: HQH). The financial services company’s stock was held by the fund at the end of the period with a total of 27,900 shares after the fund had made an additional purchase of 20,000 shares during the preceding quarter. As a result, Benjamin F. Edwards & Company Inc. was a shareholder in Tekla Healthcare Investors to the extent of 0.06% as of the most recent reporting period’s end. This investment was worth a total of $482,000 to the owner.

Recent market activity has included the purchase and sale of HQH stock by other large investors. During the second quarter, Ahrens Investment Partners LLC tripled its holdings of Tekla Healthcare Investors stock from the previous quarter. During the most recent quarter, Ahrens Investment Partners LLC raised its holdings in the common stock of the financial services provider by 1,200 shares, bringing its total number of shares to 1,600 with a market value of $30,000. In addition, Tekla Healthcare Investors received a new investment from CoreCap Advisors LLC, totaling approximately $34,000 during the second quarter. This transaction was carried out in conjunction with establishing a new position. The total value of Truvestments Capital LLC’s stake in Tekla Healthcare Investors increased by approximately $47,000 during the second quarter as a result of the company’s additional investment in Tekla Healthcare Investors. In addition, SeaCrest Wealth Management LLC increased its stake in Tekla Healthcare Investors by making an additional investment of approximately $108,000 during the second quarter. Last but not least, during the second quarter, Captrust Financial Advisors added a new investment to Tekla Healthcare Investors’ portfolio valued at around $134,000. To the tune of 17.30% of the company’s shares, institutional investors and hedge funds hold these investments in their portfolios.

On Friday, NYSE HQH opened for trading for $18.75. The all-time high for Tekla Healthcare Investors was $23.81, while the all-time low was $17.03. In addition, $18.75 is the company’s moving average price over the past 50 days, and $18.80 is the company’s average price over the past 200 days.

In addition, the company declared a quarterly dividend, which was paid out on the Friday after December 30 (December 30). A $0.39 dividend payment was made to shareholders who recorded holders as of the business day before the dividend payment date, which was November 25. Because of this, the dividend yield comes to 8.32 percent, and the annual dividend payment comes to 1.56 dollars. This dividend’s ex-dividend date was on November 23 (a Wednesday), and the dividend itself took place on November 23.

Tekla Healthcare Investors is a closed-ended equity mutual fund managed by Tekla Capital Management LLC, the company that established the fund. Tekla Capital Management LLC also manages Tekla Healthcare Investors. The fund makes investments in public stock markets located in various countries all over the world. It makes an effort to invest in the shares of companies active in the healthcare industry and create biotechnology, medical equipment, and medications, among other things. It does so to profit from these types of businesses.

Do you want to look into other hedge funds to see which ones have HQH as an investment in their portfolios? By going to, you can view the most recent 13F filings and insider transactions about Tekla Healthcare Investors (NYSE: HQH).


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