Beware; the most dangerous banking malware is back for Android


One of the most dangerous banking malware Svpeng for Android has received an update. Kaspersky, a Russian security firm, has found a new modification of the mobile banking malware family Svpeng –

The company mentioned in the blog post “In this modification, the cybercriminals have added new functionality: it now also works as a keylogger, stealing entered text through the use of accessibility services,”

The aim of the Android’s accessibility services is to help users with disabilities to better navigate their devices and apps.

Svpeng also overlays some Google apps to steal credit card details. As per the blog, “Abusing this system feature allows the Trojan not only to steal entered text from other apps installed on the device, but also to grant itself more permissions and rights, and to counteract attempts to uninstall the Trojan.”

However, fortunately data suggests that the latest version of malware has still not spread widespread.

It observed only a small number of such attacks during the past week, as per Kaspersky. However, the targets spanned 23 countries.

Svpeng is among the first malware to begin attacks on SMS banking and it was first detected in the year 2013. It uses phishing pages to overlay other apps and to steal credentials, block devices and demand money.

The gets spread through malicious websites as a fake flash player. Even fully updated Android devices can be affected by the malware’s malicious techniques, including those with all security updates installed. This Trojan can reportedly gain all necessary additional rights and steal data by accessing only one system feature.

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Himani Sharma, From ITvoir News Desk