‘Big data’ casting a shadow on traditional Channel Trends in India?


A lot of clamour is happening around the term ‘Big data’ these days. In a layman language, ‘Big Data’ refers to datasets whose size is beyond the ability of typical database software to capture, store, manage and analyze. When experts analyze the patterns of big data, it can offer invaluable business insights and improve decision making. Taking a very simple example, it allows retailers to optimize supply chains by analyzing sales data, so they can take quick decision like stocking the most popular items to remain profitable in the market and to keep their customers happy.

Current Scenario:

The vendors have slowly and gradually started embracing the concept of Big Data as a tool to optimize the organizational efficiency. More n more companies are virtualizing their own IT assets into Big Data based services to offer additional benefits. A recent survey stands evident to the fact that 8 in 10 people see Big Data as an opportunity rather than a threat. According to an estimate, 72 percent of Indian organizations are now considering, planning or running ‘Big Data’ projects.

As far as the year ahead is concerned, it is expected that the Big Data will have an insightful impact on product sales and value propositions.

Big Data as a challenge:

Obviously, the list is long for the benefits that businesses can actually reap from Big Data, but risks are no exception. Although it is a win-win situation, however we cannot ignore few challenges like lack of maturity in big data tools and time involved in developing big data. Besides these challenges, Big Data requires exceptional technologies to efficiently process large quantities of data within tolerable elapsed times. Other challenges include data quality and the limited availability of skilled developers to manage big data.

Some Big Data trends transforming the channel

With the emergence of Big Data, the trends of channels are also changing. Here, is a small list of top Big Data trends that will drive the technology and services sales through the channel over the next decade:

1. Data consolidation:

Storage of Big data is like the piles of newspapers containing lots of data and information. Anyone planning decision making based upon the novel concept of Big Data, must need the data in right format. The right method eliminates data redundancy, optimize file systems and ensure analysis applications know where to find the appropriate information. Here, the channel can play its role by offering appropriate methods for data storage.

2. Big Data will lead robust hardware sales:

Initially; Big Data is expected to drive hardware sales. Analyzing high volume of data is not an easy job. It depends upon other things like hardware’s processing power, storage capacity and I/O speeds. With this approach, businesses will definitely opt for purchasing high-performance appliances or clustered servers that can handle the Big Data load.

3. Storage and business intelligence will go side by side:

Intelligently stored data would definitely be the lime light in the year ahead. Big Data is not only about storing data, but it also includes data management efficiency, so as to ease out future data extraction. This will noticeably change the work efficiency and nature of storage vendors along with their channel programs.

4. Demand of security will increase:

Data security is the utmost requirement. In the era of clouds and distributed enterprises, it becomes a challenging job as enterprises cannot take any risk with data security. In the year ahead, the demand for the Big Data security will increase like a skyrocket. Specifically, the demand would be more in fields like data encryption, intrusion prevention, access control and regulatory compliances. According to a recent report, Big Data will emerge as a catalyst for accelerating demand of data security, new security technologies and professional support.

Satinder/ITVoir Newsdesk