BlackBerry to join the self driving vehicles bandwagon


Canada’s BlackBerry will open a driving examination facility as it tries to make itself a key player in the car business’ weaponry in the self-driving vehicle arms space.

Blackberry, which was once known for its phones, is now extending auxiliary QNX’s Ottawa office to concentrate on creating advanced driver assistance and autonomous vehicle innovation.

After a reroute where QNX’s modern centered programming was utilized to reevaluate the now-disposed of BlackBerry telephone working framework, BlackBerry is centered on how its inserted programming connects with the number of sensors, cameras and different parts required for a self-driving car.

BlackBerry and the college’s exploration groups got the green light to test Ford Motor Co Lincoln vehicles with self-sufficient components on Ontario’s open streets toward the end of last month. The organization has likewise inked an arrangement to work straightforwardly with the Detroit-based carmaker as it attempts to get armadas of robot ride-sharing vehicles to advertise by 2021.

Sebastian Fischmeister, a University of Waterloo partner educator who has worked with QNX since 2009 said “What QNX is doing is providing the infrastructure that allows you to build higher-level algorithms and to also acquire data from the sensors in a reliable manner,”

QNX head John Wall said that “Our play in this is that we provide the software foundation for these high-performance compute platforms,”

He also added that the organization is in talks with “more than maybe a couple” other major worldwide automakers about comparative associations, additionally advised that the buildup of robot cars would take some time to be fully realized.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk