BMC Software delivers Unified Application Performance Management Solution


BMC Software unveiled the industry’s most robust application performance management (APM) product portfolio. The newly-integrated offering creates a simplified solution for the management of enterprise, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud applications within a single operations management framework to anticipate and proactively address application performance management requirements.

Application Performance Management from BMC delivers a 360-degree view of application performance and end-user experience, including the application, middleware and infrastructure layers inside the data center. The complete solution BMC End User Experience Management, BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management, BMC Middleware Management –Transaction Monitoring, and BMC Application Problem Resolution capabilities.

More than just monitoring and reporting service levels, Application Performance Management from BMC features proactive problem detection based on behavioral learning, with rapid problem diagnosis through advanced correlation of the end-user experience and continuous collection of deep diagnostics and transaction tracing data.

Application performance management from BMC delivers:

• Business-aware application performance management – collects and analyzes business data from end user session transactions and automatically prioritizes application issues based on business impact.

• Real-time behavior learning with proactive root cause – assesses application performance, root causes and impact on critical business processes across infrastructure, applications and services.

• 20/20 visibility – identifies application errors and eliminates “blind spots” by filtering data based on defined policies.

• Continuous deep-dive diagnostics – collects data 24×7 for immediate problem diagnosis without affecting the performance of key applications.

• Coverage for enterprise, SaaS and cloud applications – integrates end-user, transaction, application element and infrastructure monitoring into a central behavioral analytics engine that drives preventative repairs of application problems.
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