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Brokerages unanimously recommend CyberArk Software Ltd. (NASDAQ:CYBR) as a “Moderate Buy.”

Brokerages unanimously recommend CyberArk Software Ltd. (NASDAQ:CYBR) as a “Moderate Buy.”

The twenty-seven analysts that follow CyberArk Software Ltd. (NASDAQ: CYBR) have given the stock a recommendation of “Moderate Buy,” representing the consensus opinion among those analysts, as reported by Bloomberg Ratings. In addition, the stock has been given a buy rating by 18 different investment analysts, while it has been given a hold rating by only four. The share price is expected to reach $175.09 by the end of the next year, according to the average price target provided by analysts who have published research on the stock in the preceding year.
Various equity industry professionals provided recent commentary on the CYBR shares. In a research note published on September 29, Cowen began providing coverage for shares of CyberArk Software. They have placed an “outperform” rating on the company, and their stock price objective is $195.00. On Thursday, September 15, MKM Partners began coverage of CyberArk Software shares by publishing a research note. This note marked the beginning of the firm’s coverage. They recommended that the company “buy” the stock and establish a price objective of $190.00. In a research note published on November 16, KeyCorp decreased its “overweight” rating on CyberArk Software shares and decreased its price target on CyberArk Software shares from $190.00 to $189.00. Both of these changes were made. On December 15, DA Davidson released a report that was the first to cover the shares of CyberArk Software. The report was written about the company. They recommended that the company “buy” the stock and establish a price objective of $175.00. Last but not least, in a research note released on Friday, November 4, Needham & Company LLC changed their rating of CyberArk Software from “hold” to “buy” and raised their price target for the stock from $175.00 to $180.00.
Recent transactions by institutional investors have resulted in changes to the proportion of the company’s stock held by these investors. During the third quarter, Ellevest Inc. increased its CyberArk Software holdings by 480.0% compared to the previous quarter’s levels. Ellevest Inc. now has 174 technology company stock shares, which are worth a combined total of $26,000. During the relevant period, the company made an additional purchase of 144 of the company’s shares, which brought the total number of shares owned by the company to 174. The level of ownership of CyberArk Software held by AdvisorNet Financial Inc. increased by 3,900.0% from the level it held at the end of the previous quarter during the second quarter. AdvisorNet Financial Inc. increased its technology company shares by 195 during the most recent quarter, bringing the total number of shares held by the company to 200, which has a value of $26,000. During the third quarter, Wipfli Financial Advisors LLC invested $40,000 to acquire a new holding in CyberArk Software.
Additionally, $36,000 was invested in CyberArk Software by Private Trust Co. NA during the second quarter of the fiscal year. During the second quarter of this year, Heritage Wealth Management LLC bought a new position in CyberArk Software worth approximately $40,000. Institutional investors and hedge funds collectively own 91.52% of the total number of shares in the company, making up the majority of the shareholders.
When trading started on Friday, one share of CYBR was valued at $116.87 per unit. The stock has a price-to-earnings ratio of -37.82, a beta value of 1.04, and a market capitalization of $4.76 billion, all of which are negative. All three of the company’s liquidity ratios—the current ratio, the quick ratio, and the debt-to-equity ratio—total 2.66, while the debt-to-equity ratio stands at 0.87. Over the past 52 weeks, the price of CyberArk Software has varied from $100.35 to $180.01, with a price of $180.01 serving as the overall average. The company’s simple moving average price over the past 50 days is $140.50, and the company’s simple moving average price over the past 200 days is $142.29.
On November 3, CyberArk Software (NASDAQ: CYBR) made its report on the company’s performance available to the general public. Earnings per share for the quarter reported by the technology company came in at $0.67, which was $0.23 higher than the consensus estimate of $0.90. CyberArk Software had a negative return on equity of 16.23%, and the company’s net margin was negative by 21.79%. The actual revenue that the company brought in for the quarter was $152.67 million, which is significantly higher than the $151.18 million that analysts anticipated it would earn for the period. Experts in the relevant field have predicted CyberArk Software will experience a $3.44 per share loss during the current fiscal year.
Through the companies it has founded as subsidiaries, CyberArk Software Ltd. creates, markets, and provides software-based security solutions and services in various regions of the world, including the United States of America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and other areas. Cloud Entitlements Manager is a SaaS solution that redeploys entitlements. Vendor Endpoint Privilege Manager is a SaaS solution that secures privileges on the endpoint; Privileged Access Manager is a combination of Privileged Access Manager and Remote Access to provide quick, simple, and secure remote access; and Privileged Access Manager provides risk-based credential security and session management to protect against attacks on privileged access. Privileged Access


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