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Brokerages unanimously recommend Howmet Aerospace Inc. (NYSE:HWM) as a “Moderate Buy.”

Brokerages unanimously recommend Howmet Aerospace Inc. (NYSE:HWM) as a “Moderate Buy.”

The ten research firms actively monitoring Howmet Aerospace Inc. stock (NYSE: HWM) have given the company’s stock a consensus rating of “buy,” as reported by Bloomberg. The recommendation to buy the stock has been backed by the opinions of seven different financial analysts. The stock currently has a one-year target price of $41.44 per share, according to most brokerage firms that have covered it in the preceding year and have projected its price movement.
Numerous equity research analysts have each produced their report regarding the company that is the subject of this inquiry. Wolfe Research kept its “outperform” rating on shares of Howmet Aerospace and established a target price of $44.00 for the company’s stock in a research note published on Tuesday, October 11. Trust Financial issued the report on November 4, stating that the company had increased its target price for Howmet Aerospace to $32.00. The study’s findings were presented on the day of the holiday. Morgan Stanley increased its price target for Howmet Aerospace by $5.00, from $45.00 to $47.00, in a report published on December 12. The investment bank also rated the company’s stock as “overweight,” which indicates that it believes the stock will go on to achieve the higher price target. Overweight was KeyCorp’s rating to shares of Howmet Aerospace Company stock in a report released on December 21 by the company. In addition, they increased their price objective for the stock from $39.00 to $41.00. Both of these alterations were carried out. Wells Fargo & Company upgraded their price objective on Howmet Aerospace from $40.00 to $43.00. It gave the company an “overweight” rating in a research report that was made public on Wednesday, November 9.
HWM began trading on Monday at $40.46. The moving average for the past fifty days is $37.92, while the moving average for the past two hundred days is $35.73 for the company. The quick ratio is 0.89, the current ratio is 2.06, and the debt-to-equity ratio is 1.30. These numbers pertain to financial ratios. The company’s market value is $16.74 billion, and it has a P/E ratio of 39.28, a PEG ratio of 0.98, and a beta value of 1.53. All of these metrics indicate that the company has adequate financial resources. The lowest price that Howmet Aerospace has been at in the last year is $29.35, and the highest price that the company has been at in the last year is $40.61.
Howmet Aerospace (NYSE: HWM) released its most recent earnings report on Monday, October 31. The company’s quarterly earnings came in at $0.36, which was identical to the consensus estimate for those earnings as well as the actual earnings of the company. The return on equity for Howmet Aerospace came in at 16.76%, while the net margin for the company was 8.00%. The company’s revenue during the period was only $1.43 billion, which is significantly less than the $1.44 billion analysts in the relevant field had anticipated it would be. The company generated $0.27 per share during the same period the year before. The company’s quarterly sales experienced an increase of 11.7% when compared to the same quarter in the prior year’s fiscal year. According to the forecasts provided by industry analysts, Howmet Aerospace should generate earnings of 1.4 cents per share for the current financial year.
A variety of institutional investors, including hedge funds and other types of investment vehicles, have recently made modifications to the total number of shares they are presently holding in their portfolios. An investment of $830,000 was made in Howmet Aerospace by Baron Silver Stevens Financial Advisors LLC during the third quarter of 2018. The investment firm Massmutual Trust Co. FSB ADV increased the amount of Howmet Aerospace stock held by 189.2% during the fourth quarter. After making an additional purchase of 420 shares of the company’s stock during the period in question, Massmutual Trust Co. FSB ADV now possesses 642 shares of the company’s stock, which can be purchased for a price of $2,500 due to the stock’s recent appreciation. In the second quarter, Clear Street Markets LLC saw a 402.6 percent growth in the size of its holdings in Howmet Aerospace. As a result of the purchase of an additional 628 shares during the most recent quarter of the fiscal year, Clear Street Markets LLC now holds a total of 784 shares of the company’s stock, which has a value of $25,000. These shares were acquired during the most recent fiscal quarter. CX Institutional increased its stake in Howmet Aerospace by purchasing an additional share for $35,000 during the second quarter, bringing its total ownership stake to 100%.
Last but not least, during the second quarter, CNB Bank brought the level of ownership it held in Howmet Aerospace up to 1,412.0 percent. After making an additional purchase of 1,059 shares during the most recent quarter, CNB Bank now has 1,134 shares of the company, and the total value of those shares is $36,000. This is because the bank made an additional purchase of shares during the previous quarter. Various hedge funds and other institutional investors own 91.49 percent of the stock.
Various countries’ aerospace and transportation industries rely on Howmet Aerospace Inc. as a leading supplier of innovatively designed solutions. These countries include the United States of America, Japan, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Canada, Poland, and China. Howmet Aerospace, Inc. is a pioneer in the design of cutting-edge solutions. The company is split up into four distinct business divisions, which are referred to as “Engine Products,” “Engineered Structures,” “Fastening Systems,” and “Forged Wheels.”


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