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Brokers Issue Earnings Estimates for Ovintiv Inc. in the Fourth Quarter of 2022 (TSE:OVV)

Brokers Issue Earnings Estimates for Ovintiv Inc. in the Fourth Quarter of 2022 (TSE:OVV)

OVV (OTCMKTS: OVV) Ovintiv Inc. and Capital One Financial lowered their expectations for the earnings per share (EPS) that Ovintiv would generate during the fourth quarter of 2022 in a note to investors that were published on Thursday, January 5. P. Johnston, an analyst working for Capital One Financial, previously projected that the company would have $2.44 per share earnings for the third quarter. Still, he has now lowered that estimate to $2.43 per share. According to the most recent estimates taken into consideration by the investing community, Ovintiv should be able to bring in earnings of $20.19 per share for the full year.
On Monday, the price of one share of OVV stock was listed as available for purchase at 64.61 Canadian dollars. The current ratio, the quick ratio, and the debt-to-equity ratio are all equal to 0.51; the debt-to-equity ratio, on the other hand, comes in at 69.12. The company’s moving averages for the past 50 days are currently sitting at C$70.32, and the moving average for the past 200 days is currently sitting at C$66.31. The price of Ovintiv is currently sitting at 43.60 Canadian dollars, which is the same as both its 52-week low and its 52-week high. The company has a price-to-earnings ratio of 3.38, resulting in a market value of 16.04 billion Canadian dollars for the business.
On November 8, Ovintiv (TSE: OVV) disclosed the outcomes of its most recent financial report covering the preceding three months. The earnings the company brought in per share for the quarter were 1.88 Canadian dollars, which was 0.96 Canadian dollars less than the general forecast of 2.84 dollars per share. The company’s sales for the quarter came in significantly higher than the analysts’ predictions of $3.50 billion Canadian, coming in instead at $4.63 billion Canadian. This result is significantly higher than the predictions.
In addition, the company declared a quarterly dividend, which was paid out on the Friday after December 30 (December 30). On Friday, December 30, a $0.341 dividend payment was made to shareholders on a record entitled to receive it. This translates into a yield of 2.11% and a dividend payment to the shareholder of $1.36 per year. The dividend payment was made on Wednesday, December 14, the month of December, and the day of the week. This represents an increase from Ovintiv’s most recent quarterly dividend, which was $0.32; consequently, that dividend amount is being exceeded here. Ovintiv is responsible for maintaining a payout ratio of 4.40%.
Ovintiv Inc. and its subsidiary companies are in charge of all aspects of the natural gas, oil, and natural gas liquids industries, including exploration, development, production, and sales. These activities are carried out in every region of the world. Market optimization, operations in Canada, and operations in the United States are this company’s three distinct operational divisions that make up its overall business. The company’s most valuable assets have been located in the Permian in west Texas, the Anadarko in west-central Oklahoma, and the Montney in northeast British Columbia and northwest Alberta.


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