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Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc. acquires 14,974 Park Aerospace Corp. shares (NYSE:PKE)

Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc. acquires 14,974 Park Aerospace Corp. shares (NYSE:PKE)

According to the most recent filing that Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc. made with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company increased its holdings in Park Aerospace Corp. (NYSE: PKE) during the third quarter. The institutional investor invested approximately 165,000 dollars in purchasing 14,974 shares of stock in the company that deals in semiconductors. These shares, in their entirety, were the ones that were bought. The most recent reporting period ended with Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc. holding ownership of Park Aerospace.

Recently, several prominent investors have altered the interests they currently hold in the company due to recent transactions. During the first three months of 2018, Amalgamated Bank invested an additional 113,000 dollars into Park Aerospace, increasing its stake in the company. Ellevest Inc. increased the proportion of Park Aerospace stock owned by 17.7% during the second quarter of the fiscal year. After purchasing an additional 1,642 shares, Ellevest Inc. has 10,921 shares in the semiconductor business. The total value of Ellevest Inc.’s stock now stands at $138,000 after adding these shares worth $139,000 each: FMR LLC’s ownership stake in Park Aerospace was increased by a staggering 542.8% during the second quarter of the fiscal year. FMR LLC now has 3,709 shares of the stock held by the semiconductor company. These shares have a value of $47,000 and were acquired following an additional purchase of 3,132 shares during the relevant period. During the first three months of 2018, Captrust Financial Advisors saw a 277.2% increase in the percentage of Park Aerospace ownership that they held. Captrust Financial Advisors now has a total of 2,139 shares of stock in the semiconductor company due to the company’s purchase of an additional 1,572 shares during the period in question. There is a value of $28,000 associated with these shares. Exchange Traded Concepts LLC established a new holding in Park Aerospace during the third quarter, worth $561,000 in the capital. This was the last and most important item on the agenda. To the tune of 86.35 percent, the company’s stock is owned by institutional investors.

Numerous scholarly inquiries have been conducted on PKE due to its widespread interest in the field. In a research note published on Monday, shifted their rating for Park Aerospace from “hold” to “buy,” indicating their bullish sentiment toward the company. This move was made in response to recent developments in the industry. In a research note distributed by TheStreet on November 25, the rating for Park Aerospace was raised from “c+” to “b,” reflecting the note’s overall positive sentiment.

The price of one share of PKE stock was $13.91 when trading got underway on Tuesday. During the previous year, the price of Park Aerospace Corp. ranged from a low of $10.08 to a high of $14.21. The company’s moving average price over the past 50 days is $12.80, while the moving average price over the past 200 days is $12.06. The price-to-earnings ratio for the company is 35.67, it has a market cap of $284.75 million, and its beta value is 0.63.

In addition, the company has declared that it will initiate the payment of a quarterly dividend beginning on the following Friday, February 3. Shareholders on record will be eligible to receive a dividend payment of ten cents per share on January 4. On Tuesday, January 3, you will be responsible for paying the dividend. As a direct result, the dividend yield is calculated at 2.88%, and the amount distributed annually is $0.40. At this time, Park Aerospace’s dividend payout ratio (also known as DPR) stands at 102.56%.

The production of high-tech composite materials at Park Aerospace Corp. uses hot melt and solution manufacturing technology. Its products produce primary and secondary structures for business jets, general aviation aircraft, military aircraft, large and regional transport aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and rotary wing aircraft. These aircraft can have either fixed or rotary wing configurations.


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