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Cambridge Investment Research Consultants Inc. Fluent, Inc. is owned by Trims Holdings (NASDAQ:FLNT)

Cambridge Investment Research Consultants Inc. Fluent, Inc. is owned by Trims Holdings (NASDAQ:FLNT)

The 13F filing that Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc. made with the SEC revealed that during the third quarter, the investment advisory firm’s holdings in Fluent, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLNT) were reduced by 58.9%. Following the sale of 127,335 shares during that period, the corporation was left in possession of 89,000 shares of the company’s stock. Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc. disclosed ownership of approximately 0.11% of Fluent in its most recent filing with the SEC; the value of the company’s stock was 120,000 dollars at the filing.

The holdings of FLNT by hedge funds and other institutional investors, such as pension funds, have also changed due to these transactions. Panagora Asset Management Inc. invested approximately $28,000 during the first quarter of 2018 to bolster its existing holdings of Fluent. In the second quarter, Prudential Financial Inc. invested approximately $34,000 in Fluent to bolster the holdings it already had. Aries Wealth Management increased its holdings of Fluent by approximately 48,000 dollars during the second quarter and spent approximately 48,000 dollars to do so. The acquisition of a new investment in Fluent by Cubist Systematic Strategies LLC cost approximately $68,000 and took place during the year’s second quarter. During the third quarter, Transcend Capital Advisors LLC made a 53.7% increase in the amount of Fluent stock it owned, making that the final point of this article. Transcend Capital Advisors LLC now has 77,248 shares after purchasing an additional 27,000 over time. These shares are currently valued at $104,000 because the company now holds 77,248 shares. The company’s shares are held collectively by hedge funds and other institutional investors, who account for 26.54% of the total.

NASDAQ: FLNT began trading on Tuesday for $1.39. The first day of trading was Tuesday. Over the past 52 weeks, Fluent, Inc.’s all-time low and all-time high has been $0.96. The company has seen a moving average of $1.31 over the previous 200 days, while the moving average over the previous 50 days is $1.20. The debt-to-equity ratio was calculated to be 0.23; the current ratio was calculated to be 2.01; the quick ratio was also calculated to be 2.01, and so on. The company’s beta value is 2.33, and its price-to-earnings ratio stands at -2.21. The company’s total value, as represented by its market capitalization, is $111.13 million.

On November 7th, a Monday, Fluent (NASDAQ: FLNT) disseminated the company’s most recent quarterly earnings report. During that period, the company made a profit of $0.004 for each outstanding share. The return on equity for Fluent was positive, coming in at 1.83%, but the net margin for the company was negative, coming in at 13.82%. The company’s sales for the quarter came in at $89.05 million, which is significantly lower than the consensus projection of $94.92 million made by financial analysts. According to forecasts provided by professionals in the relevant industry, Fluent, Inc.’s current financial year is anticipated to end in a loss equivalent to 0.69 cents per share.

Recent commentary on the stock comes from analysts who focus on equity research and have recently shared their perspectives on the stock. In a research note released on November 8th, Canaccord Genuity Group announced that they would be decreasing their price target for Fluent shares, which they had previously set at $5.00. On Monday, began providing investors with research coverage of Fluent shares by publishing an article. They advised their clients to purchase the stock.

The provision of data-driven digital marketing services in the United States is the primary area of concentration for Fluent, Inc. The company is run according to the principles of two separate business divisions, which are referred to as Fluent and All Other, respectively. The company accomplishes this through the execution of digital marketing campaigns on behalf of its advertiser clients, which connect those clients with consumers. This is one of the services that it offers to acquire new customers.

Are you curious about the other hedge funds’ perspectives on FLNT and which ones they hold? By going to, you can review the most recent 13F filings and insider transactions about Fluent, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLNT).


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