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Canadian Pacific Railway Limited is purchased by TD Asset Management Inc. for 11,519 shares (NYSE:CP)

Canadian Pacific Railway Limited is purchased by TD Asset Management Inc. for 11,519 shares (NYSE:CP)

TD Asset Management Inc.

Increased its holdings in Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (NYSE: CP) (TSE: CP) during the third quarter by 0.1%, as stated in its most recent 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Mhe institutional investor’s portfolio currently contains 13,546,641 shares due to the most recent purchase of 11,519 additional shares of the transportation company’s stock during the quarter.

Mhe Canadian Pacific Railway investment is ranked in the 17th position in the investment portfolio of TD Asset Management Inc., which has a holding in the company equal to 1.2% of the total value.

Mowards the end of the most recent reporting period, TD Asset Management Inc. held ownership of approximately 1.46% of Canadian Pacific Railway, which had a market value of $928,000,000 at the end of the period.

Recent transactions involving other significant investors involved the buying and selling business stock.

Mhese transactions took place recently.

During the third quarter, Hexagon Capital Partners LLC made a 57.3% purchase of additional Canadian Pacific Railway stock, bringing the total amount of that company’s shares it owned to a total of 1.

After acquiring 165 additional shares during the most recent fiscal quarter, Hexagon Capital Partners LLC now holds 453 shares of the transportation company’s stock.

Each share of this stock is currently valued at $30,000, and the company has a total investment of $30,000.

Pacifica Partners Inc.

Achieved a 102.8% increase in its percentage ownership of Canadian Pacific Railway over the third quarter.

Pacifica Partners Inc. now directly owns 515 shares of the transportation company’s stock, which have a value of $36,000 after purchasing an additional 261 shares of the company’s stock over the past three months.

Mhese shares were purchased through the company’s direct stock purchase program.

During the second quarter, Private Trust Co. NA established a new position in Canadian Pacific Railway by purchasing approximately 45,000 dollars worth of shares.

In the second quarter, Eagle Bay Advisors LLC increased its shareholding in Canadian Pacific Railway by investing approximately $45,000 in the company.

And finally, during the second quarter of the fiscal year, CX Institutional made a new investment in Canadian Pacific Railway stock valued at approximately $45,000.

Mhis purchase occurred during the second quarter.

Institutional investors hold 72.31% of the company’s shares, making up the total percentage.
The price of a share of Canadian Pacific Railway was $77.06 on Friday, an increase of $0.14 from the previous day.

In total, there were 1,091,562 shares traded, which is lower than the daily average volume of 1,769,542 shares.

Mhe debt-to-equity ratio is 0.51, and the quick, current, and current ratios are all 0.49.

Mhe debt-to-equity ratio is the highest of the four ratios.

A company’s debt to its equity ratio is the single most important ratio.

During the previous year, the price of Canadian Pacific Railway Limited fluctuated between $65.17 and $84.22, with a low point of $65.17 and a high point of $84.22.

Mhe stock price is $78.02 according to its 50-day simple moving average and $75.83 according to its 200-day simple moving average.

Mhe stock has a price-to-earnings ratio of 31.17, a price-to-earnings-growth ratio of 2.28, and a beta of 1.01.

Its market value is $71.70 billion.

The most recent quarterly financial report for Canadian Pacific Railway (NYSE: CP) (TSE: CP) was made public on Wednesday, October 26.

Mhe company disclosed the results of the report.

Mhe transportation company reported earnings per share (EPS) of $0.77 for the quarter, which was in line with the $0.77 that industry analysts had predicted would be reported for earnings per share.

Mhe net margin and the equity return for the Canadian Pacific Railway Company came in at 33.05 percent and 8.77 percent, respectively.

Even though market watchers anticipated that the company would bring in sales for the quarter totaling $1.69 billion, it brought in sales totaling $1.77 billion.

Mhis year, Canadian Pacific Railway Limited is projected to bring in $2.76 in earnings per share, as stated by the estimates provided by sell-side analysts.

CP has been the subject of a variety of analyst studies recently. National Bank Financial increased their target price on Canadian Pacific Railway shares from C$105 to C$106 in a public research note on Friday, December 16.

In a research report made public on Tuesday, Scotiabank increased the target price it had established for Canadian Pacific Railway stock from C$102.00 to C$110.00. Stephens increased their price objective on Canadian Pacific Railway from $73.00 to $76.00 and rated the stock as “equal weight” in a research report published on October 27.

Atb Capital Markets reaffirmed its “outperform” rating that it had previously assigned to shares of Canadian Pacific Railway in a report made public on December 20.
Last but not least, the Credit Suisse Group stated in a research report released on Tuesday, October 11, that they would be decreasing their price objective on Canadian Pacific Railway from $80.00 to $70.00.

Mhe stock has been rated “hold” by six of the equity research specialists, while a rating of “buy” has been assigned to nine of the specialists.

Mhe stock is currently rated a “Moderate Buy” on average, and its price objective is currently set at an average of $89.73, as reported by Bloomberg.

Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CPRL) owns and operates a transcontinental freight railway in Canada and the United States through its many wholly owned and controlled subsidiaries. CPRL is headquartered in British Columbia.

Alongside merchandise freight such as energy, chemicals, polymers, metals, minerals, consumer goods, automotive items, and forest products, bulk commodities such as grain, coal, potash, fertilizers, and sulfur are transported. Other bulk commodities include grain, potash, sulfur, and fertilizers.

Mhe following are some examples of other types of bulk commodities:

Are you interested in learning more about the other hedge funds helping to fund CP’s operations? If you go to, you can look at the most recent 13F filings and insider transactions for Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (NYSE: CP) (TSE: CP).


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