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Capital One Financial Forecasts Coterra Energy Inc. will earn $4.95 per share in fiscal year 2022.

Capital One Financial Forecasts Coterra Energy Inc. will earn $4.95 per share in fiscal year 2022.

Coterra Energy Inc.’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under CTRA. In a report made public on Friday, January 20th, research analysts at Capital One Financial raised their projections for Coterra Energy’s earnings per share in the fiscal year 2022. The previous projection that Capital One Financial analyst B. Velie had made regarding the company’s earnings per share has been increased to $4.95 from $4.94. This was done to reflect the recent developments in the company’s financial situation. The average projection for the profits Coterra Energy will make throughout the year is 4.87 dollars per share. According to projections made by Capital One Financial, Coterra Energy’s earnings per share in the final fiscal quarter of 2022 would come in at $1.23.

Recent research studies by various analysts have focused on the stock as the subject of their investigation. Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. downgraded their recommendation on shares of Coterra Energy from “buy” to “hold” in a research report published on November 30th. The findings of the study were made public on Wednesday. Barclays decreased their target price on shares of Coterra Energy from $39.00 to $30.00 and rated the stock as “equal weight” in a research report published on Wednesday, December 7th. The company Coterra Energy was given a rating of “sell” in a research report by Citigroup on Wednesday, December 7th, when the report was made available to the general public and made available by Citigroup. In addition, the price target for the company has been lowered, going from $27.00 to $23.00. In a research report made available to the public on October 24th, Raymond James lowered their target price for Coterra Energy from $42.00 to $36.00. Even though this modification had been made, they maintained their “outperform” rating for the business. In a research note published on Wednesday, October 19th, Morgan Stanley raised their price target on Coterra Energy shares from $29.00 to $31.00 and rated the stock with an “equal weight” recommendation.

Additionally, the note included a rating of “equal weight” for the stock. The report’s subject matter was the company’s share price forecast. Four market analysts have provided a buy recommendation for the stock, thirteen have provided a hold recommendation, and one has a sell recommendation. According to information made available by Bloomberg, the stock has been given a current “Hold” recommendation, and the average price target analysts have set for the stock is $32.67.

NYSE: CTRA was first available for trading on Monday with an opening price of $25.62. The company’s moving averages for the past 50 days sit at $25.60, and the moving average for the past 200 days sits at $27.79. The company has a P/E ratio of 5.18, a P/E/G ratio of 0.12, and a beta value of 0.25, all of which contribute to its current market valuation of $20.20 billion. The company can be described based on all of these metrics. The debt-to-equity ratio comes in at 0.17, the current ratio comes in at 1.66, the quick ratio sits at 1.62, and the current ratio maintains its status at 1.66. In the past year, the price of Coterra Energy has fluctuated between $18.39 and $36.55, reaching a low of $18.39 and a high of $36.55. The all-time low for the price of Coterra Energy was $18.39.

Coterie Energy, which began trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol CTRA on November 3rd, has released its most recent quarterly earnings report. The company’s earnings per share for the quarter came in at $1.39, which was $0.05 higher than the analysts’ consensus estimate of $1.34 per share for the quarter’s earnings per share. The return on equity for Coterra Energy came in at 29.82%, while the net margin for the company was 44.15%. However, the company’s revenue for the quarter was $2.52 billion, significantly higher than the $2.43 billion analysts anticipated it would bring in for the period.

In addition, the business announced and paid a quarterly dividend on November 30th, when the dividend was distributed to shareholders. On November 16th, a dividend pa


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