Channel-ing Dell. The Michael Dell story


It has been almost four years since the Dell creator, founder, CEO and Chairman, Michael Dell started with the mega idea to turn around and transform the company. Starting in his University of Texas days where he lived in a dorm room, he begun from a direct-sales antagonist and is now an industry champion.

While in the process of the undergoing experiment, Michael Dell on his own as well has moved and transformed from being an entrepreneur, who once started the business which dates back an impressive 26 years of building PCs and to a world renowned, respected Fortune 50 CEO and runs a $60 billion IT business that delivers with dignity.

Dell has also in fact accomplished himself as one of the few businessmen who have been successfully able to take control and morph the underlying events of technology, which range from the great Personal Computer revolution of the 20th century, to the revolution of the Internet and eminently now the current cloud uprising that has taken communication and documentation in its stride. He also stands as a channel leader who has not precisely received the credit that his accomplishments for embracing channel partners and the indirect sales channel deserve.

According to records and data, Dell has made an impressive uphill channel progress. The revenue for the global channel has witnessed a 49 percent increase in 2010 and what is to be noted is that the company has had more than 61,000 registered and around 2,300 certified partners in a month itself.

Industry analysts also consider him to be deserving of the credit for handing over the channel reins from the very inception to Dell Vice President and General Manager, Global Commercial Channels, Greg Davis, who has also strived to provide focused nurturing and guidance to the program at each and every step that followed.

Bob Venero, the President and CEO of a highly respected US-based VAR500 company, Future Tech Enterprise, has been one of the foremost partners to have met Michael Dell personally in the event of the Channel program launch of Dell.

It has since then been three years when Venero’s Dell business constituted of only 1 percent of the current business, which now holds the worth of a $100 million. To this day, Dell’s channel business has exceeded more than 25 percent of the $100 million-plus business and growing.

Channel partners have maintained over the years that Michael Dell has always been available for the channel, whether it was for helping to accelerate an existing venture or to close the business.

From ITvoir News Desk/Darab Bakhshi