Checkmate Apple. Samsung to rule again?


Apple has now been holding on to the highest possible spot for a time span of four consecutive years. Having swept the market with its innovation and style bound products; market analysts now believe that it is slowly and steadily providing Samsung with the way to lead ahead with its variety of handsets.

Apple seems to have lost another war with its arch rival Samsung. A battle that has been on for years and has ranged on a multitude of specific areas; competing in manufacturing and market shares to infringing patent rights.

A group of Strategy Analytics from a Research firm recently acclaimed that for the very first time in the last four years Macintosh Apple no longer remained at the top of the line and was neither the most profitable handset manufacturer across the world. The accolades that it had very smoothly achieved now lay at the hands of an old market player and a recent market winner. All the honors now undoubtedly belonged to Samsung.

During recent times, Samsung’s global handset operations had hit a profit margin of $5.2 billion. This figure was calculated on the basis of various insights and figures from influential people across the industry. However, on the flip side, the operating profit belonging to Apple stood sturdily at $4.6 billion. Moreover, the mobile division of Samsung posted a $5.6 billion operating profit in the second quarter itself and according to the company the varied difference between the two figures arose apparently from non-handsets.

People also believe that Samsung’s success has been majorly due to its high wholesale prices, strong volumes and tight cost controls. Meanwhile Apple throughout this tenure has been facing a variably increased competition across the globe that has now brought it to a stage where it inevitably requires changing its strategy.

Keeping previous profit margins and current market trends in mind, Apple now is sure under intense pressure towards launching more iPhone models at cheaper price-points along with larger screens to fend off the heaving competition and regain lost profits and customers.

From ITvoir News Desk/Darab Bakhshi