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CIBC raises its price target on Acadian Timber (TSE:ADN) to C$16.00.

CIBC raises its price target on Acadian Timber (TSE:ADN) to C$16.00.

Acadian Timber (TSE: ADN) was the subject of a research note published on Tuesday, in which stock analysts from CIBC lowered their target price for the company from C$17.00 to C$16.00. BayStreet.CA is the source from which we obtained this information. According to the price objective presented by CIBC, there is the potential for a gain in price that is 2.76 percentage points higher than the price at which the stock is currently trading.

Many other research companies’ interest in ADN has been piqued due to recent events. Royal Bank of Canada lowered its price objective for Acadian Timber in a report released on Thursday, October 27th. The report was about the company’s financial performance. The previous price goal of C$17.00 has been adjusted downward to C$16.00, and the company has been given a rating of “sector perform.” The price objective for Acadian Timber was brought down to C$17.00 in a report distributed by Credit Suisse Group on October 25th. In addition, the company has a “neutral” rating attached to its stock. In the report released on Tuesday, October 25th, CSFB announced that they would lower their price goal on Acadian Timber from C$18.00 to C$17.00. This was the last but not the least of their announcements. Four research analysts have given the stock a rating of “hold,” while one of the experts recommended that the shares be purchased. According to, the current recommendation for Acadian Timber is “Hold,” and the average price objective for the company has been set at C$17.33.

The price of one share of ADN fell by $0.25 on Tuesday, bringing the total to $15.57. Compared to the typical volume of 5,764 shares, only 3,950 were traded for the stock. Over the last 50 days, the stock price has reached a moving average of $14.99; over the last 200 days, that price has averaged $15.99. The company has a price-to-earnings ratio of 12.98, and its market value is now calculated to be 262.90 million Canadian dollars. The debt-to-equity ratio is calculated to be 36.64, while the current ratio is calculated to be 1.09, and the quick ratio is calculated to be 1.04, respectively. Over the past year, the price of Acadian Timber has moved in a range that has taken it from its all-time low of $14.52 to its all-time high of $19.83.

Acadian Timber’s (TSE: ADN) most recent quarterly earnings report was published on Wednesday, October 26th, and was available for public consumption. The company reported earnings per share of $0.29 for the quarter, which was $0.12 higher than analysts’ estimate, which was $0.17 per share. In question the company reported a total revenue of 23.59 million Canadian dollars for the period in question. According to projections made by professionals who specialize in equity research, Acadian Timber is anticipated to generate $0.98 in earnings per share during the current fiscal year.

Acadian Timber Corp. distributes primary forest products across eastern Canada and the northeastern United States. This responsibility falls under their purview. The corporation is split into two divisions, which are known as NB Timberlands and Maine Timberlands, respectively. Both of these divisions are referred to simply as “Timberland.” Sawlogs fashioned from softwood and hardwood, in addition to pulpwood and other byproducts of biomass production, are among the products it offers. Not only does the corporation oversee the management of approximately 1.1 million acres of freehold timberland in New Brunswick and Maine, but it also provides wood services on approximately 1.3 million acres of New Brunswick timberland under the jurisdiction of a Crown license. In Maine, the corporation oversees the management of approximately 500,000 acres of freehold timberland.


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