Cisco initiates Made-in-India, unveils three tech products made in India


On the occasion of its 20th anniversary in India, Cisco unveiled three products that it conceptualized and made in the country that it claims will enable service providers and large companies reinvent the way in which services are built and delivered.

One, to boost connectivity within and between data centers, the second, to scale networking capabilities and the third, a controller to handle traffic from a large number of devices.

“Over the last 20 years, our local investments, global expertise, world-class innovation and deep partnerships have placed Cisco India at the heart of the innovation ecosystem,” said Amit Phadnis, president, engineering and India site leader.

During its 20 years in the country, Cisco India filed 1000 global patents and 600 such patents have been issued. The India R&D team, the second largest globally for Cisco after the US with 11,000 engineers.

Cisco said the three products was reflective of Cisco’s tradition of ‘reverse innovation’ where engineers in India contribute to developing products, to address requirements of emerging countries like India, which in many cases turn out to be globally attractive and competitive.

Cisco’s research and development team in India accounted for 9% of the total 1,100 patents issued to the US-based company this year. Globally, Cisco was issued 1,100 patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), of which 100 were from India in 2015.

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