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Crossmark Global Holdings Inc. owns $4.41 million shares of BCE Inc. (NYSE:BCE)

Crossmark Global Holdings Inc. owns $4.41 million shares of BCE Inc. (NYSE:BCE)

The most recent disclosure that Crossmark Global Holdings Inc. made with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) indicated that the company’s holdings in BCE Inc. (NYSE: BCE) (TSE: BCE) increased by 4.1% during the third quarter. The company provided this information. Following the completion of the period, the company had a total of 105,180 shares in its possession, which it had obtained by purchasing an additional 4,114 shares of the utility’s stock during the period. The value of the holdings that Crossmark Global Holdings Inc. had in BCE as of the end of the most recent reporting period was $4,411,000.

There have been additional transactions involving hedge funds and institutional investors buying and selling stock. In the third quarter, Kestra Advisory Services LLC made a 10.9% increase in the amount of BCE stock it owned, bringing its total percentage of ownership to 79.1%. After making a new purchase of 4,654 shares during the period, Kestra Advisory Services LLC now has 47,252 shares of the utilities provider’s stock, which are currently valued at $1,982,000. This is because Kestra Advisory Services LLC purchased additional shares during that period. During the third quarter, Leisure Capital Management completed a 1.4% increase in the proportion of BCE shares that it owned. To date, Leisure Capital Management has acquired ownership of 21,272 shares of the utility stock, which has a market value of $892,000. This is a direct consequence of purchasing 293 additional shares during the company’s most recent financial quarter. During the third quarter, Great West Life Assurance Company of Canada completed the purchase of a new investment in BCE shares. The total cost of the transaction was approximately $22,517,000. During the third quarter, Park Avenue Securities LLC achieved a 4.5% increase in the proportion of BCE stock it owned. Following the acquisition of 2,043 additional shares in the utility provider during the most recent quarter, Park Avenue Securities LLC now owns 47,194 shares. The value of Park Avenue Securities LLC’s holdings in the business is currently estimated to be $1,979,000. And finally, throughout the third quarter, Jennison Associates LLC increased the total amount of money it had invested in BCE by 1.4%. After making an additional purchase of 4,642 shares during the most recent quarter, Jennison Associates LLC now has 347,231 shares of the utility provider’s stock. The price per share is currently determined to be $14,540,000. Institutions hold stock ownership in their portfolios 42.92 percent of the time.

Regarding the year BCE, numerous research publications have been compiled over the years. debuted its coverage of BCE with the publication of a research study on that company the following day, on October 12 (Wednesday). They recommended that shareholders “hold” their shares of the company. Barclays lowered their price objective on BCE shares from $48.00 to $47.00 in a research report made available to the general public on Monday, January 9. The investment bank also confirmed maintaining its “equal weight” rating on the stock. The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) announced on January 12, in a research note published on January 12, that it was increasing its price objective for BCE shares from $62.00 to $64.00. The Royal Bank of Canada raised its target price on BCE shares from C$63.00 to C$64.00 in a research note published on Friday, November 4. This change was made in response to an upward trend in the price of the stock. TD Securities stated in a report released on Wednesday, December 14, that they were increasing their price objective on BCE from 60.00 Canadian Dollars to 65.00 Canadian Dollars. The previous price objective was 60.00 Canadian dollars. Three of the equity research analysts have provided the company with a recommendation to buy, while the other four have provided a rating of “hold.” Bloomberg reports that the current rating for the company is “Hold” and that analysts have set an average price target of $63.48 per share for the company’s stock.

On Tuesday, the opening price for trading on the NYSE BCE was $46.66. The company possesses a beta coefficient of 0.57, a market capitalization currently sitting at $42.55 billion, a PE ratio currently sitting at 19.20, and a PEG ratio currently sitting at 4.59. There is a ratio of 1.40 between the amount of debt and the amount of equity, a ratio of 0.54 between the quick and current ratios, and a ratio of 0.60 between the current and the quick ratios. The simple moving average of the company’s stock price over the past 50 days is $45.89, and the average over the last 200 days is $46.74. Over the previous 52 weeks, the price of BCE Inc. ranged from its all-time low of $39.88 to its all-time high of $59.34.

On November 3, BCE (NYSE: BCE) (TSE: BCE) announced that it would release its quarterly earnings report. The utility services provider reported earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter that came in at $0.67, which was $0.03 higher than the estimate compiled by most market participants, which was $0.64. It was reported that the company’s quarterly sales were $4.62 billion, significantly higher than the average prediction of $4.50 billion in sales for the quarter. BCE had a return on equity of 16.10% and a net margin of 12.14%. The company’s overall profitability was 12.14%. Experts have determined in the field of research that BCE Inc. is expected to generate earnings per share of $2.47 during the current fiscal year.

In addition, the company has just recently announced that it will be distributing a dividend every quarter, which will take place on the 16th of this month. Stockholders of record on December 15 were each given a dividend payment of $0.675 per share, which was distributed. This equates to a dividend payment of $2.70 on an annualized basis and a dividend yield of 5.79% on the underlying investment. As of December 14, it was considered that this dividend had been paid out in its entirety. 111.11 percent of BCE’s earnings are distributed to shareholders.

Through its wireless, wireline, Internet, and television (TV) services, the Canadian telecommunications and media company BCE Inc. serves customers in the country’s economy’s residential, commercial, and wholesale sectors. In addition to that, the company provides services at the wholesale level. Bell Wireless, Bell Wireline, and Bell Media are the three distinct divisions that make up the overall company, and each one can be examined separately. In addition to providing goods and services for wireless voice and data communication, Bell Wireless also distributes various consumer electronics.


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