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Crossmark Global Holdings Inc. sells shares of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (NYSE:WST).

Crossmark Global Holdings Inc. sells shares of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (NYSE:WST).

According to the most recent SEC filing that the company submitted, Crossmark Global Holdings Inc. liquidated a portion of its holdings in West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (NYSE: WST) during the third quarter. This portion accounted for 4.3% of the company’s total holdings. Following the disposal of 399 shares during the period under review, the corporation was in physical possession of a total of 8,903 shares of its stock as a provider of medical devices. According to the most recent filing that Crossmark Global Holdings Inc. presented to the SEC, the value of the company’s interest in West Pharmaceutical Services was estimated to be $2,191,000.

Institutional investors and hedge funds have bought and sold company shares in recent transactions. These transactions involve the company’s stock. During the second quarter, CX Institutional transferred a new interest to West Pharmaceutical Services. The market value of this interest was estimated to be $28,000. Allworth Financial LP increased the proportion of West Pharmaceutical Services in which it is invested by 70.8% during the year’s second quarter. Allworth Financial LP now has 123 shares in the medical equipment provider after purchasing an additional 51 shares during the most recent quarter. The stock is currently valued at $37,000, and Allworth Financial LP paid $32,000 to acquire the 123 shares. Glassman Wealth Services increased the percentage of West Pharmaceutical Services in which it is invested by 57.0% during the second quarter of the year. After making an additional purchase of 53 shares during the most recent quarter, Glassman Wealth Services now directly owns 146 shares of the medical instruments company. The current value of these shares is $44,000. Glassman Wealth Services acquired these shares. During the third quarter, Householder Group Estate & Retirement Specialist LLC handed West Pharmaceutical Services a check for $36,000 to compensate them for filling a newly created position. West Pharmaceutical Services can acknowledge receipt of this payment.

Last but not least, thanks to Clear Street Markets LLC, West Pharmaceutical Services’ position shot up by 400% during the year’s second quarter. Clear Street Markets LLC now holds 155 shares of the medical instruments supplier’s stock after purchasing an additional 124 shares during the most recent quarter. Based on the stock’s current price, Clear Street Markets LLC has a holding value of $47,000. Institutional investors and hedge funds collectively hold a stake in the company equal to 91.51% of the total number of shares outstanding.

Several recent studies have focused their inquiry on the WST as the subject of their research. After concluding that it would begin reporting on the company, published its first research report concerning West Pharmaceutical Services on October 12 of this year. They recommended that shareholders “hold” their shares of the company. Overweight is the designation given to West Pharmaceutical Services stock by KeyCorp in a research report published on Friday, December 2, and discussed the company’s stock. The price objective for the stock was reduced from $350.00 to $315.00. Bank of America decreased its price target for West Pharmaceutical Services stock from $385.00 to $250.00. It moved from a “buy” rating to a “neutral” rating for the company in a research report published on Friday, October 28. In addition, they moved West Pharmaceutical Services from a “buy” rating to a “neutral” rating on the company’s stock. On Tuesday, December 13, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft announced the publication of a research report on West Pharmaceutical Services, marking the beginning of the bank’s coverage of the company above. They recommended to investors that they “keep” their positions in the company, and they projected that the stock would reach a price of $250.00 within the next month. The UBS Group published the first research study covering West Pharmaceutical Services on November 30, a day after it was announced that the study would be conducted. They have a price objective for the stock of $250.00 and assigned the company a ” neutral rating.” Two analysts have given the stock a buy rating, while four other market watchers have issued hold recommendations. The information that can be found on indicates that the consensus view regarding the company is to “hold” the stock, and market analysts anticipate that the stock will reach an average price of $266.25.

NYSE: WST shares were first offered for trading on Wednesday for $253.04. This stock’s moving average for the last 50 days is currently sitting at $236.78, and its moving average for the last 200 days is currently at $268.29. The current ratio is three; the quick ratio is two and a half times as high, and the quick ratio is currently at eighty percent. In addition, the debt-to-equity ratio is currently at zero. West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. hit a low point over the past year of $206.19, while the company reached a high point over the past year of $424.00. The company’s market value is $18.73 billion, and it has a price-to-earnings ratio of 30.52, a price-to-earnings-growth ratio of 2.31, and a beta value of 1.12. These metrics indicate that the company has adequate financial resources.

On October 27, 2018, West Pharmaceutical Services (NYSE: WST) gave shareholders a report on the company’s financial performance for the third quarter by providing the report to shareholders. The medical equipment manufacturer reported earnings per share for the quarter of $2.03, which was lower than the $2.12 analysts in the relevant industry had anticipated the company would report. West Pharmaceutical Services achieved corresponding levels of 21.68 percent and 28.15 percent for the company’s net margin and its return on equity. The revenue for the quarter came in at $686.90 million, which was significantly lower than the $730.64 million that analysts had anticipated would be for the quarter. The projections of those who specialize in researching the market indicate that West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. will earn $8.18 per share during the current financial year.

In addition, the company just recently announced a quarterly dividend scheduled to be paid out on February 1. On January 25, $0.19 dividend checks will be sent out to stockholders on record. This translates to a yield of 0.30 percent each month and a dividend payment of 0.76 dollars every year. On Tuesday, January 24, the date in question, this dividend will be considered to have been paid out in its entirety. Currently, 9.17% of West Pharmaceutical Services’ earnings are distributed as dividends to the company’s shareholders.

In addition, on Monday, December 5, President and Chief Executive Officer Eric Mark Green sold 44,000 shares of the company’s stock. This was one of the more recent happenings in the business world. The sale of the shares resulted in a total revenue of $10,515,560.00, with each share’s average price being $238.99. After the completion of the transaction, the chief executive officer of the company now directly owns 114,922 shares of the company’s stock. Based on the current stock price, these shares have an approximate value of $27,465,208.78. Follow the link, which will take you to a filing submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission. You will have the opportunity to acquire additional information regarding the transaction. Between them, company insiders own a total of 0.60 percent of the company’s shares.


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