Cruise faster by installing a booster on your computer


Computer is the lifeline of current technology driven era. It is the core of every business, research departments, and organizations whatever we can think of.

What will happen to the business if your computer starts crawling instead of higher speed? The situation is just non-tolerable and quick remedy is the need of that moment. This feature will present you with some PC boosters that can help you to increase the speed of PC and work efficiently:

The very basic tool to start with optimizing the speed of your computer is Disk Fragmentation. Disk Fragmentation tool cleans your hard disk registry. The hard drive consists of all the programs installed on your computer. With time you install some programs or uninstall some, the registry gets disturbed or fragmented. It is full of deleted data and may have gaps in between. The Disk Fragmentation tool allows you to eliminate all those gaps or the fragmentation and to improve the speed and efficiency of your machine.

Along with the Disk Fragmentation tool for hard disk registry you can also opt for the DoubleKiller tool. The PC attains the snail’s speed due to the installation of programs on it; many a time’s space is hogged by the duplicate programs loaded on your PC. This tool detects all the duplicate programs and erases the one leaving with just one copy; thereby enhancing the speed of your computer.

Registry Optimizer is another tool that can help you to speed up with the machine or PC you are using. This tool scans the registry of your operating system and settles down any unwanted or non-required information or files. With complete scan of your operating system and eliminating all the obsolete information this helps your computer to run smoother and faster with increased efficiency.

While you install your operating system or more precisely Windows, you do not have an idea that your machine is loaded with pre-installed programs that are just overheads on your PC speed and memory. To remove such programs and increase the efficiency of computer it is advisable to install Scotty, WinPatrol 2007 that works while keeping a close eye on your machine.

The next on the list is Software Uninstaller. Deleting a program that is of no use for you is not the exact removal procedure. It hogs the system memory and slows down the performance speed. This program uninstalls the program by deleting all the left over and unwanted files.

The list for such boosters is long like Windows Tweaks or Tracks Eraser that can be used to increase the speed of your machine.

Renu Singh, ITVoir Network