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Cullen Capital Management LLC has increased its stake in Varex Imaging Co. (NASDAQ:VREX).

Cullen Capital Management LLC has increased its stake in Varex Imaging Co. (NASDAQ:VREX).

Cullen Capital Management LLC increased the size of its stake in the company during the third quarter, as indicated by the most recent 13F filing that Varex Imaging Co made with the Securities and Exchange Commission. VREX is the ticker symbol that represents the company.

The investment fund had a total holding of 40,361 shares at the end of the time frame after having acquired an additional 23,983 shares of the company’s stock throughout the time frame.

The most recent report that Cullen Capital Management LLC submitted to the SEC places the value of the company’s ownership of Varex Imaging at approximately $853,000, corresponding to 0.10% of the total.

Recent transactions involving other significant investors involved the buying and selling business stock.

These transactions took place recently.

The amount of Varex Imaging stock owned by Ancora Advisors LLC increased by 100.8% during the first three months of 2018 due to the company’s acquisition of additional shares.

After purchasing an additional 635 shares during the most recent quarter of the company’s fiscal year, Ancora Advisors LLC now has 1,265 shares worth $26,000.

This brings the total number of shares the company owns to 1,265.

The amount of equity that Advisor Group Holdings INC held in Varex Imaging increased by 59.0% during the first three months of 2018.

After making an additional purchase of 730 shares during the most recent period, Advisor Group Holdings INC now has 1,968 shares.

Each share of the company is currently valued at $62,000, and the company’s stock has a total market value of $62,000.

Point72 Hong Kong Ltd made a new investment of $46,000 in the shares of Varex Imaging during the first quarter of 2018.

The total cost of this investment was $46,000. KBC Group NV successfully filled a new position at Varex Imaging during the second quarter.

The new employee will receive a salary of $71,000 per year.

During the second quarter, US Bancorp DE increased the percentage of its assets that it had invested in Varex Imaging by 730%, making this the last and most important point. Following the purchase of an additional 1,677 shares during the period above, US Bancorp DE now has a total of 3,974 shares in the company.

These shares are currently valued at $85,000, thanks to the acquisition of these shares.
When trading started on Friday, the price of a share of VREX was $18.91 per share.

The current price of $17.68 for shares of Varex Imaging Co is lower than the 12-month low of $25.14 and higher than the 12-month high of $25.14. Currently, the debt-to-equity ratio stands at 0.84, the quick ratio stands at 1.82, and the current ratio sits at 3.86.

The company has a price-to-earnings ratio of 24.18, a price-to-earnings-to-growth ratio of 0.73, and a beta value of 0.78.

These ratios measure how expensive the stock is to its earnings.

The company currently has a market capitalization of 758.29 million dollars. One share of the company’s stock can be purchased for $20.20, and its 200-day simple moving average price is $21.13.

On November 15th, the most recent quarterly earnings report that was made public for Varex Imaging, INC (NASDAQ: VREX) was made available.

The company reported earnings per share for the quarter of $0.32, which was $0.11 higher than the consensus estimate from analysts, who had predicted earnings per share of $0.21.

The actual revenue that the company brought in for the quarter was $231.40 million, a significant increase from the $224.05 million in revenue projected for the company throughout the quarter.

The return on equity for Varex Imaging was 7.47%, and the net margin for the company was 3.69%.


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