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Eagle Asset Management Inc. Reduces Its Holdings in e.l.f. Beauty, Inc. (NYSE:ELF)

Eagle Asset Management Inc. Reduces Its Holdings in e.l.f. Beauty, Inc. (NYSE:ELF)

The most recent 13F filing that Eagle Asset Management INC submitted with the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that during the third quarter, the investment firm’s holdings in e.l.f.

Beauty, INC (NYSE: ELF) was reduced by 31.0%. Following the completion of a transaction in which 89,865 shares of the company were sold throughout the period, the corporation is now in possession of 199,726 of those shares.

The most recent disclosure that Eagle Asset Management INC has made with the SEC indicates that the company owns approximately 0.38% of e.l.f.

Beauty has a present value of $7,513,000.

Several other institutional investors have been buying and selling the company’s stock shares, making their presence known in the company’s stock market.

The Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund increased the amount of e.l.f.

Beauty stock is owned by 4.8% during the third quarter of the fiscal year.

The Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund is now the owner of a total of 16,532 shares of the company after purchasing an additional 754 shares during the preceding quarter.

The total value of the fund’s 16,532 shares of the company is now $622,000; Quantbot Technologies LP saw a 260.1% increase in the percentage of e.l.f.

Beauty stock that it owned during the third quarter. Quantbot Technologies LP is now the direct owner of 30,350 shares, which have a value of $1,142,000, thanks to purchasing an additional 21,922 shares during the most recent fiscal quarter.

During the second quarter, Keybank National Association OH acquired a new position in e.l.f.

Beauty for a sum of 676 thousand dollars. Verition Fund Management LLC made a $744 000 investment in e.l.f.

Beauty during the second quarter.
Last but not least, during the second quarter of the year, SG Americas Securities LLC invested e.l.f.

Beauty for the amount of 644,000 dollars.

Institutional investors and hedge funds currently own 95.14 percent of the company’s stock between them.
In related news about this topic, on January 5th, the completion of the sale of 39,740 shares of the company’s stock was announced by Tarang Amin, CEO of e.l.f.

Beauty. Cost of one share was purchased during the sale at an average price of $55.56, which resulted in the total value of the transaction being $2,207,954.40. Following the completion of the transaction, the CEO will


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