Ericsson associates with Zain Bahrain over Managed Services


A four-year managed services agreement has been signed between Ericsson. And Zain Bahrain.

Across the country, enabling operational excellence, the day-to-day operations of Zain’s network would now be managed by Ericsson. More resources towards higher-end services could be allocated by Zain so that the offerings could provide ultimate benefits to the subscribers from an increased network quality and stability.

As per Mohammad Zainalabedin, General Manager, Zain Bahrain, based on their ultimate aim to enhance customers mobile experience and provide them with the advanced technologies Ericssson was selected to manage their network operations.

As per Ray Hassan, Executive Vice-President & Head of the Global Customer Unit Zain, Ericsson, by deploying this differentiated solution, in terms of innovation and productivity there are new opportunities opening for communication. Upgraded productivity levels would be operated at Zain Bahrain’s network to provide customers with a premium mobile experience.

High quality services, supporting the overall network quality is ensured by Ericsson’s Customer Support solutions.